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These are interesting times for the travel industry. Whether you’re pondering travel restrictions, price increases or the development of mobile apps that could streamline your corporate booking process, things are moving quickly. This doesn’t just affect travel and hospitality companies. It affects all of us who use their services. That was clear from the range of speakers and panellists at this year’s Business Travel Show, which took place at Olympia on February 22nd and 23rd.

With mobile and digital payments set to revolutionise corporate travel, it was no surprise to see some of the biggest names in information technology making their voices heard. Patricia Partelow, one of IBM’s leading digital innovators was a keynote speaker and her audience welcomed her advice on how to modernise their workflows. Travis Bogard, Uber’s Global Head of Enterprise, highlighted the future of urban mobility as part of a debate that’s relevant to every driver and every passenger.

What are the key challenges facing travel professionals and their corporate clients in 2017? To take just a few, hotel chains are under pressure to sustain growth and profitability while online private accommodation aggregators threaten to undercut them on price and beat them for convenience. The aviation industry must stay agile and innovative as higher fuel prices eat into airline profits, and cyber security issues will surely be in all of our thoughts.

At Absolute Translations we understand these priorities because we have over a decade of experience offering travel translation services in all branches of the industry. We want our clients to be profitable, and that’s why we invest in translation memory that repeatedly saves them time and money. We need our clients to be secure, and that’s why our data management protocols leave nothing to chance.

Do we make a positive difference? Ask our clients. Hilton Hotels are prominent in 78 countries covering six continents, and our service brings them precision in multiple languages. Thomas Cook employs over 22,000 staff in 15 countries, and we’ve added major value to their global communication. And delegates who attended the Business Travel Show in search of an improved payments system would benefit from the technical and financial expertise that’s made Absolute a trusted partner to Barclays Bank, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and American Express.

The travel industry is constantly modernizing, and people who work in it and with it can embrace the changes or find themselves left behind. Those attending the Business Travel Show were able to take their pick of almost eight thousand industry professionals ready to help them navigate the changing landscape. One thing that doesn’t change, though, is the value of accurate, nuanced multilingual communication. And the best place to find that is at Absolute Translations.