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When the world is watching

The weekend of July 15th and 16th was arguably the highlight of the British sporting calendar. As well as giving us the singles and doubles finals at Wimbledon, it also gave us the blue riband event of motor racing, the British Grand Prix.

At both events we saw a succession of gifted professionals demonstrate their skill. And their appeal is evident in the advertising revenue they generate.

  • Title sponsorship of a Formula One team, typically giving you advertising space on the sides and rear wing of the cars, can cost up to £70 million per annum.
  • Wimbledon sponsors pay up to £10 million for official partner status, a substantial amount for two weeks’ exposure.

As the partner of choice for advertising and marketing translations, we know that when you pay top dollar for a lucrative advertising opportunity, your message must be pinpoint accurate and culturally appropriate.

What you need is a high-impact translation to convey effectively your brand’s concept or broader message, rather than a simple word for word translation. Subtle points of distinction from culture to culture can make the difference between persuasion and derision. Whether it’s your brand name, your creative headline or your unique selling point, we ensure the localized version is as relevant and appealing as the original.

We watched the weekend’s sporting action with interest, and we also keep a close eye on similar events throughout the year.

Honda has been a prominent engine supplier to Formula One motor racing for many years. That interests us, not just because we’re sports fans but also because Honda is our client.

Not every automotive giant commits in marketing spending to the racetrack. The Volvo Car Open is a major event on the women’s tennis tour. Absolute has a vested interest, not just because we’re sports fans but because Volvo is our client.

Roger Federer’s Wimbledon win guarantees him a place at the Barclays ATP Tour Finals. This year-end event sees the world’s best eight players fight it out for a million dollar first prize. We’ll be watching, not just because we’re sports fans but because Barclays is our client.

Last weekend didn’t just see a battle between players, drivers and sports. It also saw a battle between TV channels. Wimbledon is a BBC event, while Formula One motor racing is now dominated by Sky Sports. We’re proud to be a trusted service partner to both channels.

When the world is watching, a moment’s lapse can cost you everything.

Take a corner a fraction too quickly and your car may spin into the wall. Volley an inch too low and your ball may clip the net and land out. Translate without care and your brand values may be compromised, your message misunderstood and your reputation damaged.

There’s a reason clients trust Absolute Translations. When the world is watching, we get it right.