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All tomorrow’s challenges

Some events set the tone for the year. Last month’s Localization World in Barcelona set the tone for the decade. Industry experts came together to share their visions for the future of translation services. The ideas discussed were so vivid that the future seemed to unfold before our eyes. We hope you’ll enjoy our summary.

The Permanent Revolution

The idea of a service provider moving forward inch by inch, occasionally pausing for breath, belongs in the past. We live in an age of continuous improvement. Computer Assisted Technology (CAT) tools make our service more productive and competitive by the day, and by streamlining processes, automating workflows, integrating systems and enhancing the quality of feedback we can deliver a rate of improvement that promises market leadership for our customers as well as ourselves.

Talking the Talk

Speech to speech translation will play an increasing role for clients across most sectors. It’s a fact of human nature that, given the choice, we prefer to listen and speak than read and write. The companies that take advantage will be agile enough to develop new interpreting processes, new workflows, new data collections and new tools. We could soon reach a point where speech in one language is converted into multiple other languages on-demand, in real-time.

The Great Divide

As more and more of the technical functions of translation are taken over by machine, we may see a clear dividing line drawn between technical and creative businesses. While technical functions may be automated without loss of quality, the nuance and flow of human creativity will remain irreplaceable. Where there’s data to process, bring on the machines. But where there’s a story to tell, we will always need the ingenuity of the content creator. The linguist of tomorrow may well multitask as creative writer, journalist and cultural advisor, and we could soon see translators taking their place alongside advertising and marketing professionals in a new form of multilingual creative workshop. Technology can give your brand the platform to reach out to new markets, but the creative translator will give it the human appeal to succeed.

The Absolute Promise

Absolute Translations will keep moving forward because that’s the best way to serve you. Our processes are continuously reviewed against ISO standards and against the needs of each individual client. We deliver a clear return on your investment, moving you closer to your business goals with every project we complete. Absolute embraces technical advancement, and our expertise in creative translation makes us the ideal partner to represent your brand in any market you choose. Localization World gave us plenty to be excited about and nothing to fear. We’re ready to meet all tomorrow’s challenges. And we’re ready to help you meet them too.