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The Big Picture

Although this is a time for New Year’s resolutions, here at Absolute Translations we apply the same high standards to our client projects all year round, and the positive feedback we received on our translation, localisation and interpreting services in 2017 tells us that you’re happy with our way of working. But we are keeping a close eye on industry trends, and we’re always ready to adapt in your best interests.

We’re in tune with the increasing digitisation of commercial activity, and it’s no surprise to see many of our clients channelling their entire marketing budgets in this direction. Some are becoming purely digital brands, and our expertise in digital localisation is helping them make the leap with confidence.

For every internet user in the mature economies of Europe, Asia and North America, there are already two in the developing world. Throughout the Middle East and Africa individuals and business owners are going online – and spending online – for the first time. How can you appeal to them?

We’re seeing more and more evidence that digital content localisation should include all of a brand’s assets. Website localisation alone may not get your message across clearly. Multilingual SEO, translation of advertisements and banners, multilingual video voiceover and subtitling and localised email marketing will give your audience a positive “big picture” view of what you have to offer. Content tailored for smart devices serves you even better, helping you secure engagement and retention of customers who may be viewing your message while on the move.

Absolute Translations is the reliable language service partner to support you with a strong foundation for 2018 and beyond. When you review your digital content, including your advertising, social media, product manuals and videos, as well as the content you’re planning to produce in the months to come, we’ll help you formulate a localisation strategy that keeps your message fresh and relevant for every member of your target audience.

So our plan for 2018 is simple. We’re going to help your audience see you exactly as you want them to. We’re going to help you show them the big picture.