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February 2018 was a big month for Gamers. Two flagship events took place in London, with the Excel Arena hosting ICE B2B Gaming and the Gamer Weekend coming to Kensington Olympia.

With a track record of success in Gaming Translation, we took a keen interest in these events and were fascinated to see how Gaming continues to roll out around the world. We’re not just passengers on that ride; Absolute Translations can help you get exactly where you want to go.

With almost three billion active gamers in the world, and a global industry value expected to top £90 billion by the end of this decade, this is big business. While Candy Crush may lack the glamour of a Hollywood movie, video games generate more than twice as much money as the global film industry. Absolute Translations are well aware of the expectations of today’s gamers. With players now accustomed to detailed scripts with hours of audio, translation and localisation quality is crucial to global success. The creative aspect of game design, with songs and poetry used more and more, means that linguists must be ready to act as literary and cultural translators.

That’s a game we can definitely help you win. Absolute Translations delivers note-perfect results from native speakers whose understanding of the culture of a target market is just as impressive as their mastery of its language. Above all we deliver professionalism, and this is a very good time to have that option. The barriers between gaming and conventional sports are being lowered. The Olympic Channel, a digital sports platform launched in 2016 by the International Olympic Committee will now feature electronic gaming side by side with Olympic events. ESports, the competitive arm of electronic gaming, is simply too big a market to ignore.

Delegates from over 150 countries visited ICE B2B Gaming, and the global nature of gaming was underlined still further with confirmation that this October will bring the first ICE Africa. On October 24th and 25th, gaming industry leaders will gather in Johannesburg to share the latest innovations and discuss the future of the industry. The ICE, like so many other industry leaders, recognise Africa as a commercial goldmine. Once again, Absolute Translations is ahead of the game. No other language service provider has done more to support professional communication throughout the African continent. We offer you tried and tested linguists across a wide range of African languages and dialects.

If you’re a serious player in this skyrocketing market, you already know effective localisation is the key to global success. So what are you looking for in a language service partner?

A track record in the industry with a strategic view of its future?

Mobile-friendly localisation that recognises issues of text expansion between languages and brings gaming to life for hand-held users?

Comprehensive coverage of the languages and cultures of today’s gamers and tomorrow’s, spanning Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa?

If you’re looking for quality, specialism and successful long-term partnership, look no further than Absolute Translations.