Three Factors to Consider When Expanding Your Business Internationally
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Three Factors to Consider When Expanding Your Business Internationally

The challenge of expanding your business into overseas territories requires precision and lengthy planning. As such, agencies who specialise in providing professional translation services play a huge part in the expansion process. Not only can they translate your content. But as advisers and consultants, they can help you execute your objectives effectively.

However, companies that enter a foreign market should expect to face numerous challenges such as legislation; consumer demand and local regulations. These obstacles are often magnified by language barriers and cultural differences.

Before you decide to venture into a foreign market, these are the key factors which must be considered:

1. Adapting marketing materials for a foreign market

Whether you decide to establish a physical presence overseas or rely on your website and the other digital channels; a good understanding of your business is key to converting clients. Therefore, it is essential to prepare your online platforms and marketing materials in the native language of your target audience.

However, while the language you incorporate is important, you must also factor in the images; colours and the general layout. It is vital to remember design elements when translating your texts, as these can all be perceived differently by audiences in other countries. For example, in Japan, the colour white is traditionally worn at funerals and thus, it is typically associated with mourning. However, in western countries, white is tied to cleanliness and professionalism.

2. Building connections overseas

When trying to launch your business in another country, it is key to have an understanding of the culture and the target audience that you are trying to attract. As a result, you may have to make subtle differences to how and when you conduct your marketing overseas. The channels you choose may also be different.

Around the globe, a number of countries use different search engines; social media networks and publications. For example, out of the 420 million Internet users in China, 99% of people use Baidu as their primary search engine. However, Google Search remains top across the rest of the world.

3. Consider hiring local professionals

The barriers facing your business could be erased by hiring the services of a local lawyer and an accountant. You should also consider hiring the services of a translation agency; especially an agency with local linguists specialising in marketing and law. These local professionals would be able to offer advice about your legal requirements as well as opening doorways to potential partnerships and business contacts.

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