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Google Translate vs Professional Interpreter Services: Why Human Translators Are Always More Effective

Technology has taken over all aspects of our lives; whether it’s 3D printing in the workplace or virtual reality headsets for gaming. Not only have these modern technological advances changed the way we work and play, but they’re helping to shape industries of the future.

At the forefront of translation technology is Google who make it easier for individuals to communicate in different languages with software such as Google Buds and Google Translate.

Following the launch of Google Translate, businesses have two options when looking to translate a piece of text – either quickly copy your text into Google Translate or hire professional translation services. If you want immediate results, then Google Translate will convert your text within seconds. However, it’s important to consider the accuracy of the grammar, structure and context in your text, which Google doesn’t take into account.

By utilising professional translation services you can avoid the negatives that come with using Google Translate. Here are just a few reasons why human translators are more effective than machine translators:

• A certified translator understands culture.Machine translators such as Google Translate may be useful when translating a sentence or two, but they cannot understand culture and lexical items specific to different languages. For example, when it comes to translating a website or marketing materials, slang and idioms may be too complex for a machine to understand.

For native translators, they are well-versed in the target language and understand the nuances of the culture your business are looking to target.

• Human translators can replicate style and tone Depending on the subject matter, your document will be written in a particular style and tone of voice. Whether it’s a persuasive, informative or even humorous style, a machine is likely to miss this during the translation process. Therefore, your document will lack the intended impact.

A human translator would be able to match the tone and style to recreate your document in the target language.

• Professional translators localise content for different languages Across all modern languages, there are new phrases and words in different dialects being developed every day. As these languages evolve, machine translators cannot keep track of changes as fast as human translators. This is because native translators are experts in localisation and different dialects for their specialist languages.

At Absolute Translations, we have a team of native translators, working in key locations around the world. As qualified experts in medical, marketing, legal and financial translations, our interpreters ensure accurate and localised translations for your business.

While we don’t believe in utilising machine translation, our team believe in using the latest tools to create a translation memory specific to your documents. As a result, our team can keep track of terminology, avoid duplicated content and update your translation guidelines. By employing the latest technology, we guarantee to deliver fast, high quality results.

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