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The Language of the Deal

Every day Absolute Translations helps clients embrace new opportunities. They come to us because their success depends on communicating with confidence, making perfect commercial and cultural sense in an unfamiliar language. We give you that confidence whether you’re pursuing a one-off transaction; a long-term partnership or a full-scale operational merger or acquisition.

The planned merger between Sainsbury and Asda highlights the complexity and the impact of high profile business marriages. The £13.3 billion deal between Britain’s second and third largest supermarket chains will impact hugely on the retail sector and the lives of employees. Months of due diligence will dig into the detail of both balance sheets. They can count themselves lucky that they share a language. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions put major demands on legal and financial teams and on their language service partners.

Absolute Translations is happy to offer you business-focused linguists expert in contractual language; with up to date knowledge of the compliance standards of multiple countries. Successful mergers and acquisitions require transparent communication of financial data and intellectual property records. That’s a rigorous task even in one language, and some legal and financial phrases and concepts commonly used in English don’t even exist in other languages. That doesn’t present a problem for our clients. Absolute Translations delivers impeccable work that respects the law and culture of each country involved in your transaction. When you need government approval to proceed, we offer you a nuanced understanding of that government’s regulations. When you need the terms of a deal to be watertight, we offer you the most precise analysis possible of your sale and purchase agreement.

In 2017 British companies announced 1,232 acquisitions valued at a total of £108 billion. During the same period, 1,355 acquisitions were made by overseas companies targeting UK business, with a whopping £278 billion at stake.

When clients invest on that scale, they need security. Absolute Translations is trusted by many of the most reputable names in global finance, including Barclays Bank, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan and HSBC. Why? Because we understand the language of the deal. Contact us to find out more!