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The Good Guys

As a legal translation and interpreting partner of choice for many years, Absolute Translations has a healthy respect for the professionals who practice and uphold our laws.

The legal profession doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for its positive impact on our economy and society. We see this impact every day, as we regularly manage translation projects covering mergers and acquisitions that safeguard and generate jobs; criminal litigation that helps deliver justice and compensation to victims and sensitive family law cases that can keep parents and children together. Absolute Translations is happy to support this work with experienced linguists offering a mastery not only of legal language but of the intricacies of legal systems.

Our clients are the good guys, and we’re proud to help them! Next month, the good guys will be walking the streets of London to raise money for a very good cause.

The London Legal Support Trust is an independent charity that subsidises free legal services. Every May they call on the profession to enter a 10km sponsored walk around the city. Last year 12,000 people took part, raising a total of £800,000. That money has been distributed to law centres and citizens advice bureaux; refuges for vulnerable women and centres for housing and immigration advice. This enables all of them to help those most in need of legal support. Vulnerable people are finding access to justice. This has a direct impact on the reduction of debt; poverty and homelessness and helps the fight against discrimination and injustice. Doors are opening that would have remained closed if not for the goodwill of the legal profession.

Moreover, the list of teams participating in this year’s walk is growing quickly, and we’re not surprised to see many of our clients already signed up. Many more of them will help with fundraising projects spread throughout the year. Similar sponsored walks will take place across the south of England this summer and autumn; as well as a skydiving event and even a Great Legal Bake Off.

All of this reminds us of two basic truths. To be good at something, you have to be professional and you have to care about the outcome. Our legal clients care deeply about what they do, and when they come to Absolute Translations for translation and interpreting support, they do it because they know we care too.

As the first UK company to achieve quality standard ISO 17100:2015 certification, we care enough to follow the strictest professional and ethical guidelines in every aspect of our work. We also care enough to deliver swiftly and efficiently to any deadline without compromising on quality. With a tried and tested register of legal translators and interpreters to call on, Absolute Translations cares enough to offer you exactly the right person to meet your needs on any given project.

When we see our legal clients walking the streets of London for charity on May 21st we’ll know that it’s just another example of them doing the right thing. We also know that when they need a service partner to help them communicate good practice across languages and borders; Absolute Translations is their first choice. That makes us proud, it makes us work hard and it makes us succeed.

Finally, we wish everyone good luck for the 2018 London Legal Walk. When it comes to your translation requirements, though, we recommend that you don’t rely on luck. Rely on quality instead. Rely on Absolute Translations. We’re the good guys too.