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Absolute Translations Go Carbon Neutral

Here at Absolute Translations, we are not only passionate about providing certified translation services, but we are conscious about reducing our impact on the environment. As a business, we have always taken small steps to look after the Earth such as recycling our waste. However, we are now pleased to announce that Absolute Translations is a carbon neutral company.

At the beginning of November, Absolute Translations underwent an assessment by Carbon Footprint to identify our carbon dioxide usage; a total of 53 tonnes. Since then, we have entered into a program to offset our carbon footprint. The team will be supporting the Portel-Pará Reduced Deforestation (REDD) Project in Brazil.

Based within the Amazon rainforest; home to 10% of all species in the world, the REDD project aims to prevent unplanned deforestation from native forests; which has already occurred in the last few decades. This is typically due to logging, squatting and attempts to implement pastures by locals.

Launched in 2012, the REDD project is expected to avoid the production of over 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide; the equivalent to 40 years of greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Footprint will achieve this by managing the rainforest as a form of “private conservation reserve”. This will be done through rigorous monitoring and enforcement. Giving back to the community, the Portel-Pará Reduced Deforestation project has employed and trained local villagers to take part in the vital monitoring and enforcement activities.

As a global company with a team of translators working across the world, this is a cause very close to our hearts and we are excited to take part in a programme that is extremely important for biodiversity conservation. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Environment; this area of the rainforest is home to an abundance of critically endangered species including Ka’apor Capuchin and Black Bearded Saki.

“We are all very proud to be involved in an environmental issue that affects us all. I am determined that by 2020 Absolute Translations will have established itself as a carbon sinkhole, in being one of the first carbon negative translation companies,” said Sergio Afonso; founder of Absolute Translations.

Finally, if you want to find out more information about the Carbon Footprint program, please click here.