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Why Translated Subtitles are Important in Video Adverts

In the last few years, video marketing has become extremely popular; with revenue from promotional videos reaching an estimated $5bn in 2018. However, marketers are making one fundamental mistake in their videos by not including subtitles.

You may have recorded fantastic video content and done everything you can to promote it; from sharing it on social media to optimising the title and descriptions. Yet the results on your video may be poor. Any professional translator would be able to tell you this is because you haven’t added translated subtitles onto your content.

Adding captions to your videos through video subtitling services can have a huge effect on how successful they are. This is especially true for movies, TV shows, social media videos and training content. For example, if a Spanish-speaking person is watching a video in English, they may stop watching because they cannot understand the clip. However, if the video included Spanish subtitles, it will be easier to understand and the user won’t click off.

Depending on who you are trying to reach with your video advert, it’s important that you have subtitles in the appropriate languages. You can work with multilingual captions and subtitles on an array of platforms such as Facebook; YouTube and Vimeo by simply uploading the subtitles file for each language.

By adding professional subtitles to your videos, you are building a bridge globally between your brand and its audience across the world. Not only do they provide a solution to any language barriers you may face, but it’s been found that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute due to being on the go in a social situation, so it simply makes the video easier to digest for the watcher.

Here at Absolute Translations we work with a range of brands to supply specialist subtitling services. We offer an all-inclusive service which involves closed captioning, digital subtitling, content production and post-production support. To see examples of our subtitling projects, visit our YouTube channel.

Our team pride themselves on being able to provide reliable, high-quality translation services for businesses across the globe. This has been cemented by being one of the first companies in the UK to receive the latest ISO 17100:2015 certification.

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