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‘Do I Need Certified Document Translation Services?’ Absolute Translations Answers…

As a business, you may be inclined to utilise online translating systems such as Google Translate when deciding how exactly to translate a document. However, despite its quick and cost-effective benefits, machine translators often produce grammatically inaccurate copy, lacking in cultural context and structure.

With nearly 1 in 5 translated documents submitted for official purposes reported to be either fraudulent or technically inaccurate, government bodies, businesses, schools or other organisations cannot always rely on the accuracy of non-certified document translations.

However, when you utilise document translation services from a certified translation company, you are guaranteed reliable translation from one language to another by a fluent translator. This process also removes the element of doubt that comes with using machine translators.

There are plenty of situations that might call for certified translation services. However, the team at Absolute Translations have identified three common uses of our certified document translation service:

1. Obtain licenses and certifications.

From simply driving a car to serving food and drinks to the public, many public and commercial activities require a license or certificate. Some certifications only demand proof that certain minimum safety training has been met, but others require an in-depth record of past training and good conduct.

For individuals who speak a different language than the country you are seeking a license or certification in, you will need documents translated so the new officials can use them. Using a certified translator will make the documents more reliable, which could help you receive your certification or license sooner.

2. In commercial and business dealings.

International business and financing deals are quite standard in this day and age. Nonetheless, a language barrier can slow or stall the progress; especially when you are working with an organisation for the first time. By utilising reputable and reliable certified translation services, you can make the process faster, easier and more pleasant for all involved.

3. Applying to an overseas school or university.

Many universities, particularly in the UK; the US and Europe have many more applicants than spaces. Therefore, the competition for these spaces can be very fierce. In order to reduce the pool of applicants to a manageable number, many universities set very strict standards for application documents. Not only should the applicant’s educational history be exemplary, but also translated into their official language by a reputable certified translation service. Therefore, they have even more reason to insist on reliable, certified translations of all relevant student histories and application documents.

At Absolute Translations, we work with localised translators around the world to provide a number of translation services including technical translation, audio transcription services and voice over services. We also provide high quality and reliable document translations in more than 200 languages.

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