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How to Translate a Website For International Audiences

Translating a website into a different language may sound simple and easy; just copy and paste your content into automated translation software and you’re done. However, website translation actually requires specialist skills by qualified professionals to successfully attract a global audience.

For businesses looking to localise their website into a different language, you will require specialist website translation services from a leading translation agency such as Absolute Translations.

It’s fair to say your website is the main source of online representation for your brand. So it’s important that your website is accurately translated and localised. However, it’s not as simple as using machine translation tools to complete a word for word translation. Online tools lack the kind of human interaction a translation company can provide. Ask any of our native-speaking translators and they will say: there’s much more to language than just words and phrases. All languages have specific nuances and colloquialisms that a robot cannot understand. But a human translator has been trained to interpret each word in your text and convey its proper meaning.

There are also a number of important technical aspects when translating a website that need to be considered. For example, SEO keywords and metadata tags are vital when indexing your new website on search engines. However, if you simply just directly translate your keywords; this will not be effective in gaining any foreign searches online and unwanted clicks could be costly if you are running PPC campaigns. Here at Absolute Translations, our website translation experts are on hand 24/7 to advise on the correct way to set up your localised keywords and metatags. We cover all areas of website design including e-commerce, B2B websites, blogs and applications.

With our solid track record of website translations and exceptional precision, the professional translators at Absolute Translations are able to provide multilingual websites for a variety of sectors. From the medical to the financial industry, our localisation services work to deliver your brand’s key message in the culturally-accurate text. For more information about our website translation services, get in touch with us on 0333 577 0767.