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The Advantages of Using Multilingual Voice-Over Services

In the last few years, global organisations have started to implement video marketing strategies into their general marketing approach in order to reach a wider audience and connect with their customers. Expert marketers have pointed to the large spike in video watch-times by social media users as the main reason for companies’ producing their own unique video content.

With the production of video content planned to only increase in the next few years, it is vital that businesses optimise the content so that it is effective for multilingual audiences. After all, your business may spend a small fortune to produce corporate videos but if they are edited poorly, your target audience will not watch them.

One of the most important optimisations during the editing process is to include voice-overs in the language of your target audience. As the UK’s leading translation company, the team here at Absolute Translations have listed the advantages of using voice-over services.

Helps users concentrate on video content.

When compared to video subtitling services, voice over translation services stand out by miles – particularly in videos for social media. After all, subtitles demand a lot of energy and focus from the audience; it is believed that the human brain processes text 60,000 times slower than visual cues. As a result, your customers could miss important details about your company from the video when looking at the subtitle text. However, if you were to include a professional voice-over you can capture the attention of your audience without deterring their focus from the video visuals.

Communicate with your customers in their mother-tongue.

Video marketers have found that the majority of foreign social media users enjoy watching video content in their own language over watching a video in English. As a result, most users will click off videos because they cannot understand what is being said. Therefore, if you’re a UK based company who is looking to expand overseas, a company video with a voice-over in your target audience’s mother-tongue will help you to connect with prospective customers.

Present your brand message the way you intended.

During the process of editing a video, it may be easier to just add subtitles but you can lose the original message of your video through this method. By utilising a professional voice-over artist, they will work with the director of your project to record and present the marketing message for your video.

Here at Absolute Translations, we provide expert voice-over services for a wide variety of industries. We have a team of male and female voice-over artists with knowledge of over 200 languages and access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, meaning we can deliver high-quality voice-overs in an array of languages. For more information about our voice-over services, get in touch with our team today on 0333 577 0767.