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What is Audio Transcription and How Can It Be Used

In its simplest form, audio transcription services involve a transcriber creating a document by typing everything that is heard from either audio or video content. Depending on the client’s specific requirements, the transcript can be an exact word-for word-document or the transcriptionist can clean up certain parts of the speech. For instance, they’re able to remove fillers such as “um” and “uh” in a speech that is heard but not strictly necessary in the document.

There are plenty of reasons why a company may utilise expert audio transcription services to grow and expand their brand.

Create Accessible Videos

For example, when producing video content and company videos, it’s important to consider those who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a brand that offers accessibility alternatives to those with hearing impairments, it will enhance your corporate social responsibility and improve your brand’s image. It also has the potential to open up your services to a whole new audience who you may not have targeted before.

Subtitles in Video Content

Another use for audio transcription is when you are undertaking video subtitling services or closed caption transcription for video content. With the popularity of video marketing on the rise, it’s important that all video content contains subtitles because 85% of video views happen with the sound off. Therefore, a professional translation agency will be able to create a full transcription document from the video and then use the transcript to add time-code markers that will reference what is being said at that time in the video. This means subtitles or closed captions will appear on the screen at the exact time they’re supposed to.

Professional and Synced Voice-Overs

We can also transcribe a speech for when a final voice-over is needed. Our professional translation services ensure the voice-over is time synced to a video, meaning the timing of the voice-over will match up with specific timings in the video. As the UK’s leading translation company, we understand this is a common requirement when translating the voice-over incorporate videos or explainers.

Word for Word Transcriptions

Finally, audio transcription services can be used to create a verbatim transcript for legal cases, technical documents, or even as a professional reference. Our highly skilled transcribers will deliver exceptional audio transcriptions with quick turnaround times.

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