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The Advantages of Translation Services for Aviation

With an average of 8 million people taking flights every day, the aviation industry is getting on board with professional translation services.

The travel experience can often be confusing – especially when arriving in foreign countries and struggling to understand their language. Travelers may not be able to navigate complex airports and find out important information about delays. Therefore, it is important that airports and airlines accommodate the language needs of tourists.

Here at Absolute Translations – one of the UK’s leading providers of translation services, we provide a variety of linguistic solutions including aviation translation services. Below are a few examples of the aviation translations we can provide.

Translate airport signage into multiple languages.

There’s nothing worse than walking around an airport and getting completely lost due to a lack of signage. What’s worse is when all the signs are in languages you cannot understand. By translating your signs into at least one of the major languages, you can avoid confusing foreign arrivals. Over the last decade, our team have translated airport signs in a variety of major languages around the world. These languages include everything from Spanish to Hindustani.

Create in-flight safety instructions for everyone to understand.

It’s important that passengers understand safety precautions in the event of an emergency. This is usually given in the form of an in-flight safety card and pre-flight demonstration. By utilising an expert translation company, you can ensure that all of your passengers grasp what to do in an emergency – no matter what language they speak. We provide expert translation and interpreter services in over 200 languages so you can guarantee a safe and secure flight for your customers.

Ensure technical materials and maintenance manuals are accurate.

The aviation industry has an entire language of its own. Whether it’s airport designations or technical codes, these important details must remain clear across all language combinations. As a result, you will require specialist translators to accurately interpret codes and aviation-specific terminology. With a team of native-speaking, aerospace specialists, we can deliver ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English translations that ensure precision and efficiency.

If you want to find out more information about our aviation translation services, get in touch with our team on 0333 577 0767.