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Industries That Benefit From Translation Services

In today’s digital age, connection and interaction is more important than ever. The online world is a global community of Internet users who are sharing information and building relationships. However, this need for communication extends to offline as well. While there are plenty of businesses who can benefit from translation services, there are a few key industries where translation is essential.

The team at Absolute Translations – one of the UK’s leading providers of translation services, have rounded up the top five industries who can benefit from expert linguistic solutions.


With the responsibility of managing customers’ money, the financial industry requires an extremely high standard of customer service. Whether you fall into the banking sector or you are an insurance company, translation services ensure communication is clear and effective. Professional translation of marketing materials and important documents can strengthen your relationship and trust with customers. They can also help to achieve a high level of consistency throughout your financial documents and forms.


As the information and technology sector expands globally, translation services are in huge demand. With the rapid development of new devices and software, IT companies can utilise a translation company like Absolute Translations. An expert translation provider will be able to translate technical documents and manuals into different languages. This not only ensures accuracy in technical translations but builds trust between you and your clients.


For large law firms working on global cases, translation services prove as an invaluable tool. In fact, a whole variety of language services are available to the legal sector including: transcription, certified translation and interpreting services. When it comes to contracts and witness statements, a translator can translate them into the desired target language to present in court. Also, an interpreter can be used in police interviews and courts to ensure communication between legal professionals and the client are concise.


Much like financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals are a global industry requiring effective communication. Specialist translation services provide clarity for foreign patients who want to understand their diagnosis. Translations can also inform doctors of dosage instructions and potential side effects. Not only this but interpreting and transcription services are invaluable to medicine. In countries where a majority of the population don’t speak the native language, interpretation is essential. By utilising a highly trained and experienced interpreter, you can ensure clear communication between the doctor and patient.

Travel and Tourism

Due to a rising interest in travel, the tourism industry has flourished in recent years. However, it’s important to remember that no travel company would be successful without the use of translation services. After all, if the website for your hotel is only available in one language, you may send a negative message to your potential customers and lose business. Accurate translations help to maintain good relationships with not only your customers but your partners and clients abroad.

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