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What Certified Translation Services Do We Offer?

When individuals try to translate their own documents, it is inevitably filled with mistakes. If these are important documents, this could be detrimental to your application; costing you lots of additional time and money. Therefore, it is important to seek out professional certified translation services.

Whether you’re looking to get married in Mexico, settle a court case in Spain or apply for a job in the United Arab Emirates, certified translations ensure this process is simple and stress-free. Here at Absolute Translations – a leading translation agency in the UK, we provide fast efficient certified translation services to suit each individual or company’s needs.

Below are the types of certified translation services we can offer:


As an officially accredited translation company, the team at Absolute Translations can provide an official, legally-recognised certification or statement of truth. The certificate is also issued with a hard copy of the official document and the translation. In order to ensure all of our translations are completed to a high standard and accurate, we have a team of native-speaking translators who are experienced in your field of interest. Our certified translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the court system; as well as some organisations abroad.

Legalised Translation or Apostille

Once a document has been translated to a legal standard, it may require Apostille certification. For example, certificates and educational documents being sent abroad require legalisation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office first. As part of our certified translation services, we can arrange for an FCO apostille affixed to it. Please note that in order for your translation to be legalised in this way, it must be notarised beforehand.

Notarised Translations

The official translations of your commercial or personal documents can be notarised so that they can be accepted for legal purposes. Working with our translators, our dedicated notary, Ana, provides quick and reliable service. Once Ana receives your documents, she will ensure a notarial certificate is affixed to your translation to legalise it.

For more information about our certified translation services, get in touch with our team on 0333 577 0767.