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Biotechnology Translations Services

As an incredibly important area of science worth an approximate £2.8 billion, biotechnology must be treated with care and accuracy. If you are looking for biotechnology translation services, using translators who are specialists in the area is key and can ensure high quality translations. In this blog, we’re going to talk about biotechnology translations services and how important they are, particularly as the world continues to battle with COVID-19.

What Is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology, or biotech for short, is an area of biology that involves using living systems and organisms to develop certain products. It is often seen to overlap with other scientific fields. In simple terms, it is used to create solutions to problems and make useful products. The most common area of biotech is the production of therapeutic proteins and other drugs.

The Importance of Biotechnology Translation Services

In the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic has devastated the world. Due to the ongoing demand for human health products, the biotechnology industry has never been more important. Many biotech companies from around the world have teamed up with large pharmaceutical companies in order to develop vaccines and ways for testing and detecting the virus.

The accuracy of translations is highly important within research, manufacturing and any trial that may be conducted with products overseas. Biotechnology relies very heavily on the transparency of specific terminology within its documents, such informed consent forms for trials, drug labelling, and health and safety documents. A mistranslation of a drug side effect during a trial can have adverse effects in regard to the informed consent. This may cause damage to a company’s reputation for misleading clinical trial patients.

Absolute Translations Biotechnology Translation Services

We have an industry leading reputation in delivering accurate translations for the biotech sector. Absolute Translations only uses human translators to avoid computer errors that may occur. We also believe that using people who have a native understanding of languages produces the best results. This is why our team are fluent in over 200 languages between them. Our team also consists of people who have a deeper knowledge of biotech and who understand the terminology. This will minimise any risk of any errors with the translation and ensures that no meaning gets lost from the original context.

If you’d like to find out more information about the biotechnology translation services we offer, get in touch. Alternatively, you can call 0333 577 0767 or e-mail