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An In-Depth Look at French Certified Translation Services

It is estimated that over 200,000 British people have emigrated to France over the years. Whether for retirement or an easy life, this country has become a popular choice for its weather, beautiful views, and exquisite cuisine. If an individual, couple, or family decide to move to France, they will need to present certain documents to French authorities. To do so, these documents need to translated and certified.

At Absolute Translations, we have been offering French certified translation services for over 20 years to businesses and individuals alike. Our services aim to ease the process of moving to another country or starting business ventures in France and other French-speaking areas of the world. 

What are certified translations?

Certified translations refers to the process undertaken when translating documents, to present to overseas authorities. These translations will need to be certified to ensure they are valid in the eyes of other countries’ authorities. Every country has their own legal system. To ensure you comply, you must acquire a certified translation of your document.

When do I need certified translations? 

If you are an individual, couple, or family moving to a French speaking country, you may need to present documents to authorities to ensure they are legal in your chosen destination. Businesses may also require French certified translations services for contractual documents that need to be presented during business deals overseas. Having your document certified allows for a smoother process. 

Why are French certified translations important? 

France is one of the countries that follows civil law. For any overseas business or personal documents to be valid in their country, they must be translated by sworn translators who have been appointed by a government authority, like the ones we have at Absolute Translations.

What documents need a certified translation?

Certified French translation services are necessary for any document that is required for legal proceedings, hearings, affidavits, certificates, work permits, declarations, or summons. Immigration documents will also need to be certified and translated. These are documents such as your passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate or work permit.

Academic documents like diplomas and degrees may also need certified translation if you are applying for colleges or universities in France, or studying a year abroad. For businesses, you may be required to gain certified translations for contracts and any company incorporation documents.

French Certified Translation Services at Absolute Translations 

Having your documents correctly certified can be a confusing process. At Absolute Translations, we have a dedicated team of translators who are all experienced and certify documents on a daily basis. Our sworn, certified, notarised and legalised translations are recognised by the authorities, institutions, and employers across the country. This includes the UK passport office and the NARIC. This is the National Agency responsible for providing information, advice, and an expert opinion on qualifications worldwide. We have expertise in the legal, medical and financial fields. Therefore, we are able to provide expert certified translations for you, no matter what documents you need! 

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