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Essential Marketing: Labels and Packaging Translation Services

Labels and packaging translation services are an essential part of successful product marketing.When we go in store to buy something, the first thing we do is check the label or packaging for more information about the product. Whether that is the price, the materials or ingredients used, or even the washing instructions; having the information clearly printed on the labelling in the consumer’s language is an important selling tool for every business.

At Absolute Translations, we are language and translations experts, with over 20 years of experience within the industry. Looking to elevate your product marketing and increase your sales in 2023? With our expertise in translation and vast knowledge across many business sectors, we can help you!

Why You Need Translation for Labels and Packaging

A steadfast way to grow any business is to ensure you appeal to every possible target demographic. We often think of gender, age, profession and location as key areas to target when analysing an appropriate market. However, language is so often left on the wayside.

Marketing a product internationally requires careful research and sensitivity within brand content. Connotations and phrasing can mean completely different things from region to region, let alone country to country. It goes without saying that every element of your marketing should be assessed before branching out into a new area. This way, you ensure that you do not alienate any potential customers and allow them to easily understand your brand message and marketing intentions.

Selling your products overseas is a great way to increase revenue and encourage expansion. However, if you do decide that you want to export your products abroad, it is wise to seek the advice of professional labels and packaging translation services. Working alongside a professional global team ensures your items meet the regulatory requirements of the target country. There are specific laws on what you can and what you cannot include on packaging.

Rules and Regulations

In the European Union, it is law that food packaging must be easily understood by consumers. This means that all of the information on the label needs to be properly translated into the native languages of your target market. Not only must all the information be translated but the text about allergies and ingredients is required to be in a legible font size. These regulations about food packaging also extend to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and age-appropriate products.

Whilst marketing itself is not subject to any standardised rules around the globe, it’s imperative that you consider your brand messaging. For example, here in the United Kingdom, you cannot make any misleading statements about your product, such as how it benefits customers, or what ingredients are in it. Similar rules are implemented in the EU where words like ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’ cannot be used if not true.

Launching A New Product?

If you’re launching a new product, why not take the opportunity to get it right from the start? Here at Absolute Translations, we understand that the packaging design is just as important as the wording. Our packaging and label translation services can work alongside skilled DTP designers to create or re-design your packaging, for any bespoke requirements.

We have helped hundreds of household brands with multilingual translation and DTP design of their labels, catalogues and branding documents. If you’re looking to produce a brand identity, our translators and DTP designers will work alongside our transcreation team to produce a brief that portrays the emotional and localised message of your product, to resonate with the values and culture of your target markets.

An All-Inclusive Reputation

Inclusive branding plays a large part in success overseas. Therefore, you need to check whether your brand name, colours and strapline are appropriate for international audiences. After all, there are many colours and symbols that mean one thing in one culture and another elsewhere. For example, in China, the colour white symbolises death and is often worn at funerals. However, in Western cultures, white is often used to represent purity and cleanliness. As a result, you need to conduct thorough market research before signing off your international packaging.

It’s important that any content associated with your brand is localised. This way, you ensure that your brand messaging is up to date and appropriate for every target market. Investing in professional labels and packaging translation services is key to succeeding in this monumental task. At Absolute Translations, our ever-expanding team offer translation in over 200 languages, with native speakers of every language available to help your brand.

In Store and Online

As we approach Christmas, peak trading time is in full swing. Having international packaging, branding and content ready to go as soon as possible is within your best interest. Peak trading also gets a second wind after Christmas, as the January sales market booms.

With a lot of customers preferring to shop online now, it’s imperative that your branding is consistent across the board. Make sure that all online translations correlate with in-store labels and packaging. Transparency and honesty are key to maximising consumer appeal and therefore, aid in cultivating a healthy return on investment.

Our Labels and Packaging Translation Services

Want to know more about our specialist labels and packaging translation services to get your business on the map in 2023, why not get in touch with our team today? Our team reside in key locations all over the world to accommodate differing time zones and quick deadlines. With our linguists always on hand to help, you will always receive translations that are culturally and grammatically accurate.

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