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You’ve been sourcing African transcription services, but have found very few companies able to deal with such a wealth of dialects and tongues. Don’t fret! We’ve been transcribing content from widely spoken African languages to some of the rarest African dialects for 20+ years. Our clients include government organisations and international charities such as OxfamSave the Children and Christian Aid, to media organisations such as Channel 5, the BBC and Discovery Channel.


ISO 17100 The first UK translation company to achieve this specialist translation accreditation. ISO 9001 international processes accreditation.

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Celebrating 20+ years, Absolute Translations has become synonymous with providing quality translations at transparent low prices.

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African Transcription for all your projects

From news footage, documentaries, official information films, promotional media and interviews, to focus groups, meetings, conferences, speeches and even courtroom transcriptions, Absolute Translations can handle your full range of audio-visual transcription projects. All our translators are native speakers familiar with regional variations, vocabularies and dialects. They’re often also specialists in a particular field, so if for example you need a courtroom transcript from an African language, we can connect you with a specialist legal translator who is used to legal vocabulary and requirements.

African transcription for global brands

We are trusted by some of the world’s most recognisable brands to deliver accurate, fast transcriptions and subtitling in a huge range of African languages. From international broadcasters and filmmakers to global market research companies and government agencies, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality transcription to our clients, who trust us to ensure accuracy, speed and value for money. What’s more, we can offer flexible and expediated turnaround times including same-day transcription for urgent and time-sensitive projects.

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2 weeks ago

Very happy with the service…

Very happy with the services

3 weeks ago

Very pleased with the servi…

Very pleased with the service. Quick response, very professional, good translation and fast delivery…

Viktoriya S
4 weeks ago

My marriage certificate tra…

My marriage certificate transaction from French To English was done in very short time and accepted …

Esoof Akhoon
1 month ago

Very attentive service and …

Very attentive service and quick delivery. Thank you. Will back whenever needed.

Beier Teng
1 month ago

Really good and fast

Really good and fast. Thank you.

Bing Fei
1 month ago

Quick and eficiente

Very happy with their services. Reasonable price. Very quick and efficient.

Roksolana Kohaykevych
1 month ago

Very good service

I paid for the services of a single translator. The translation arrived promptly. There was one mist…

Palmer Philip
1 month ago

Document required for mortg…

Document required for mortgage application – fast efficient service – would recommend

Eleanor Stedman
1 month ago

Got my marriage certificate…

Looking to get a divorce. My marriage certificate was in German so had to get it translated so it co…

Sue T
1 month ago

Excellent services

Excellent services, received a reply to my initial email within 10 minutes, sent over translation an…

2 months ago

Nice quality work and in go…

Nice quality work and in good time

Wasiu Taiwo Odesanya
2 months ago

Very helpful

Very helpful – excellent service – very impressed

Marilyn Cohen
2 months ago

The absolute Translation is…

The absolute Translation is an professional Tanslation Company because of their communication,effic…

Omar Mohamedahmeden
2 months ago

Very efficient and professi…

Very efficient and prompt with responses. Excellent, professional service.

2 months ago


Excellent, timely and professional service as always.

J Hatherley
2 months ago

Quick and thorough response…

Quick and thorough response.

Kate Clark
2 months ago

Amazing job

Amazing job. Quick response and accurate translations, a bit expensive but worth the price as it was…

Mike David
2 months ago

Fantastic service.

Fantastic service.

John Hughes
2 months ago

Excellent service

Excellent service. Fast, efficient and reasonably priced. So easy to deal with. Thank you!

Sarah Russell
2 months ago

Bit expensive compared to o…

Bit expensive compared to other but great service



The African continent has the highest linguistic diversity in the world, with an estimated 2,000 spoken languages and an additional 8,000 dialects that fall into six major linguistic families each with a different geographic distribution: AFRO-ASIATIC, NILO-SAHARAN, KHOISAN, NIGER-CONGO, AUSTRONESIAN and INDO-EUROPEAN

Our network of local native-speakers support your business with its African language goals with a comprehensive and reliable transcription service in the majority of Africa’s languages and dialects.


Swahili, known as a ‘Bantu’ language is said to have originated from other languages such as Arabic and is the most spoken language in Africa. With around 150 million speakers, Swahili is the official language of Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya. The Swahili language is also spoken in many other countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, northern Mozambique and the Comoros Islands.

Along with Arabic which is the world’s sixth most spoken language and also has 150 million Arabic speakers in Africa, Swahili is thought to be Africa’s most spoken language. 


Absolute Translations is the UK’s leading translation company for African transcription services, with 20+ years’ experience transcribing content in many African languages. From widely spoken African languages such as Arabic, Somali, Yoruba, Shona, Swahili, Aramaic or Tswana, to rarer African languages or dialect such as the Ethiopian dialect Sidaama or the Benin tribal language Bariba. So if you’re looking for African transcription in a rare language or dialect, our professional team will work to connect you with a native speaker, even where other agencies may have failed.


Our translators and transcriptionists all have a minimum of five years’ experience translating in their native language, and our unique ISO 17100:2015 certification, which is awarded only to linguistic service providers of the highest quality, is your guarantee that we’ll always deliver the best standard of work for the most affordable prices.

Our extensive translator network covers even the rarest African languages but our emphasis is always firmly on customer service, that’s why we invest in new technologies to increase efficiency and aim to deliver a premium service whatever your requirements.

So, whether you need transcription from Amharic or Oromo, spoken in Ethiopia and by 2 million Ethiopians living elsewhere in the world, or from Swahili, the official language of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, or Yoruba with its numerous dialects, spoken in Nigeria, Togo and Benin, we can connect you with a local experienced transcriber who will be able to translate your content accurately and fast.