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Bahasa Indonesian Transcription Services 

As the 9th spoken language, it is no surprise that the demand for Bahasa Indonesian transcription services has increased over the last few years. Professional transcription services ensure better communication for your business and open up doors to opportunities in previously undiscovered parts of the world like Indonesia. Absolute Translations are renowned for their professionalism and accuracy and have successfully assisted world-leading companies such as DHL, Hotels for You, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, and Jamie Oliver


ISO 17100 The first UK translation company to achieve this specialist translation accreditation. ISO 9001 international processes accreditation.

ISO17100 & ISO9001


Selected by Goldman Sachs to be an exclusive member of its £500 million productivity & growth investment programme.

Goldman Sachs
10KSB Member


There to re-enforce our commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and translation quality.



Celebrating 20+ years, Absolute Translations has become synonymous with providing quality translations at transparent low prices.

20 Years’


Absolute Translations is registered to have its information and security systems independently regulated for GDPR compliance

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Legal transcriptions are provided in a bilingual transcript with time codes, while a statement of truth is also available to attest the transcription of police interviews, trial proceedings and evidence materials.

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Bahasa Indonesian Transcription Services for business 

Our team provides Bahasa Indonesian transcription services for just about any project. From promotional media to interview transcriptions, you are guaranteed to get accurate results. Absolute Translations’ transcriptionists take the original audio and transcribe bit by bit to ensure the subtitles are easy to read and correct. Every member of our team is a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesian with a minimum of five years’ experience in their field, allowing for the delivery of the highest-level transcription services. 

Bahasa Indonesian Transcription Services 

Absolute Translations have over 20 years of experience providing Bahasa Indonesian transcription services that have quick and accurate results – under ISO 17100:2015. We are dedicated to delivering an industry-leading service for any transcription services you might require. 

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7 days ago

Excellent and fast service …

Excellent and fast service of our Lithuanian Translation. Many thanks.

7 days ago

Professional service

Professional service Quality Service Value for money

Michael Keith White
1 week ago

Quick and accurate service

Quick and accurate service

Kate Clark
2 weeks ago

They were very accommodatin…

I required a translation to be done by the next day and they were very quick and efficient about get…

Ilkay Gokkaya
2 weeks ago

It was easy and fast

It was easy and fast. I have no reason to give less than 5 stars.

Andrei Mazilu
2 weeks ago

Best service

Great help professional and quick

3 weeks ago

Absolutely excellent servic…

Absolutely excellent service! This is the second time I order from Absolute Translations and just as…

Helena Garcia
3 weeks ago

Brilliant service from Abso…

Courteous staff, efficient at their job and speedy turnaround of work with immaculate translations

Naseem Kadri
3 weeks ago

Very fast and excellent ser…

Very fast and excellent service

Mohamed Ziada
4 weeks ago

Absolute Translations did a…

Absolute Translations did a fantastic job for me. Very fast turnover and quite reasonably priced. Th…

Ms Atiya Munir
4 weeks ago

Very professional and effic…

Very professional and efficient. Mattia and team really made me feel at ease and always prompt with …

Khalid Hakmaoui
4 weeks ago

A very helpful service

Aysha Ferullo was responsive, helpful, and made my experience pleasant. The level of translation was…

4 weeks ago

Excellent service

Excellent service, communication and delivery. Thank you!

Meredith Hake
4 weeks ago

Above and beyond!

Excellent service – you are given a quote and explanation of exactly what you will get. Service is a…

1 month ago

Great experience

Great experience , I got my documents translated on the delay that I wanted everything was perfect t…

1 month ago

Professional and speedy ser…

Professional and speedy service – thank you

Ed Greenall
1 month ago

Very straight forward and e…

Very straight forward and excellent service!

Ewelina Szczap
1 month ago

Second time I have used the…

Second time I have used them , both times translation first class but as important customer service …

Paul Austin
2 months ago

Excellent service – 5…

Fantastic service. Couldn’t believe how organised and fast they were. No messing around and no e…

Angela Cahoon
2 months ago


Absolute Translation were super-professional from start to finish. Prompt and responsive, timely ac…

Duncan Lampard


Bahasa Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia which is the fourth most populated nation in the world inhabited by 750 local languages and dialects spoken by 350 ethnic groups.

Here at Absolute Translations, we can handle all types of translation and transcription projects, whether it be from Bahasa to English, English to Bahasa or a combination of Bahasa and more than 200 other languages.

All or Bahasa Indonesian language services are provided by expert native-speaking translators.


Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu are very similar languages but they are considered to be two distinct languages in their own right.

They are both forms of the Malay language, which is used in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Although most speakers of one are able to understand the other, the two languages have differences in vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and spelling.

When transcribing Bahasa Indonesia it is important to only trust your project to a transcription agency that works with qualified native speakers to ensure they are accurately transcribing what is actually being said.


For over 20 years we have provided affordable and fast transcription of Bahasa Indonesian audio files.

This vast experience ensures you get an accurate and prompt service when you entrust us with your Bahasa Indonesian transcription project.

Here at Absolute Translations, we do not compromise on efficiency or speed.

To find out how quickly we could transcribe your Bahasa audio files just fill in the simple form above and not only will we you get and instant quote based on price per minute cost, we will also be able to let you know how quickly we can turn it around.


While transcribing your native language may seem simple, transcription is in reality a highly specialist skill.

Transcription involves accurate interpretation, translation and writing, and when transcribing Bahasa  Indonesia, which is easily confused for other forms of Malay, it is vital to use professionally trained, native-speaking transcriptionists.

Every member of our team is a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesian with a minimum of five years’ experience in their field, allowing for the delivery of the highest-level transcription services.


We would always recommend using a Certified agency so that you can trust they will transcribe Bahasa Indonesia audio accurately.

At Absolute Translations, we are proud to be the first British translation agency to be independently certified to ISO 17100:2015, the latest standard of “Requirements for Translation Services”.

We have been trusted by some of the worlds leading companies like HSBC, Bank of China, American Express and Microsoft so you can rest assured your transcriptions will be of the highest quality and accuracy too.