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The Benefits of Using Professional Translation Services

Every business wants to successfully expand worldwide, connect with global clients and push their success beyond the borders of their current location. However, there are a number of challenges that come with global business expansion including language barriers and cultural differences. That’s why it is important for companies to utilise professional translation services from a…

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How Japanese Translation Services Can Benefit Your Expansion

Since the 20th Century, Japan’s economy has grown remarkably as well as their reputation for innovation and technological advancement. From pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to robotics and cybersecurity, Japan has a top notch, constantly-evolving manufacturing industry that you are unlikely to find anywhere else around the world. For organisations looking to gain a foothold in the…

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The Advantages of Using Multilingual Voice-Over Services

In the last few years, global organisations have started to implement video marketing strategies into their general marketing approach in order to reach a wider audience and connect with their customers. Expert marketers have pointed to the large spike in video watch-times by social media users as the main reason for companies’ producing their own…

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Stress Awareness Month 2019: How Absolute Translations Can Reduce The Stress of Global Expansion

Throughout the month of April, it is Stress Awareness Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness of stress and the impacts it has on people’s health. According to the Mental Health Foundation’s study in 2018, 74% of people have felt so stressed that they felt overwhelmed or couldn’t cope. As a business, the stress…

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The Importance of Localisation For Global Marketing Campaigns

Global organisations spend millions of pounds crafting the perfect marketing campaign to raise awareness of their brand across the globe. However; a campaign can slowly turn into a nightmare when you find out your slogan translates to something very different; and often offensive; in another language. The team here at Absolute Translations understand that marketing…

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