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How Has The Evolution of Languages Affected Translations?

In the past, communicating with people who speak different languages was a difficult task. For example, early European settlers encountered difficulties when trying to do business with natives in the Americas and Asia. Whilst in recent years, globalisation has changed the way we connect with others, there is still an issue with communication in business….

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How to Improve Your Company’s Image with Translation Services

The branding and marketing of a company can hugely affect what the public and other corporations think of your brand. If you start to develop a negative reputation in the industry, it can cost your business massively. After all, people are unlikely to carry out business with a company that holds a poor reputation; especially…

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Absolute Translations Go Carbon Neutral

Here at Absolute Translations, we are not only passionate about providing certified translation services, but we are conscious about reducing our impact on the environment. As a business, we have always taken small steps to look after the Earth such as recycling our waste. However, we are now pleased to announce that Absolute Translations is…

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The Interesting Origins Of Everyday English Words

Picture Perfect Language Services

While Absolute Translations is happy to offer you an impeccable language service, we recognise that serving a client’s best interests often means doing far more than simply translating words on a page. More and more, you’re coming to us with requests for print-ready multilingual material. We’re proud to have earned your trust not only in…

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Benefits of Multilingual Social Media Campaigns

In the last decade, social media has boomed with approximately two billion users worldwide. From Facebook to Instagram, the rise in popularity for social media networks has created a high level of competitiveness amongst different brands to become well known in their industries. Nowadays, social media campaigns are an essential component of a business’ marketing…

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Driving Ambition Through Technical Translation Services

At Absolute Translations, we promise to be there when our clients need us. In 2018, our clients in the automotive industry need our support more than ever. Britain makes 1.7 million cars a year, and 80% of them are sold overseas. Would you buy a new car if you couldn’t understand what was written in…

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The Good Guys

As a legal translation and interpreting partner of choice for many years, Absolute Translations has a healthy respect for the professionals who practice and uphold our laws. The legal profession doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for its positive impact on our economy and society. We see this impact every day, as we regularly…

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