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The Language of the Deal

Every day Absolute Translations helps clients embrace new opportunities. They come to us because their success depends on communicating with confidence, making perfect commercial and cultural sense in an unfamiliar language. We give you that confidence whether you’re pursuing a one-off transaction; a long-term partnership or a full-scale operational merger or acquisition. The planned merger…

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Four Reasons To Utilise Translation Services

When expanding into foreign markets, you want your brand to be successful and trusted by international markets. In order to do this well, you need to communicate effectively with your customers and potential business partners. There are a number of ways in which this can be achieved. Machine translators such as Google Translate are free,…

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Turning Black Into Gold

Late November news reports are quick to emphasise the commercial potential of “Black Friday” for British and American retailers. What began as an exclusively American Thanksgiving tradition has now been embraced far more widely. As a translation partner of choice to the retail sector, Absolute Translations keeps a close eye on this annual event. Every…

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The Benefits of Having a Specialist Translator for Medical Documents

Following the trend of global workforces and expanding your business worldwide, a huge number of companies are sending their employees to live and work abroad. According to the United Nations, there are an estimated 258 million international migrants across the world and this number is expected to rise in the next few years. Moving to…

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Google Translate vs Professional Interpreter Services: Why Human Translators Are Always More Effective

Technology has taken over all aspects of our lives; whether it’s 3D printing in the workplace or virtual reality headsets for gaming. Not only have these modern technological advances changed the way we work and play, but they’re helping to shape industries of the future. At the forefront of translation technology is Google who make…

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The Benefits of Translation Services For Businesses Expanding Internationally

As a result of globalisation, our world is shrinking. Languages and distance which were once barriers are now less of a challenge; especially when it comes to interacting and communicating with professionals across the globe. However, as a business owner, you want to ensure good relationships are made in the way of sales and partnerships….

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