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A word correctly pronounced. A thought expressed. A speech translated that carries the meaning intended by the speaker. We take communication for granted. Until we’re faced with someone who speaks a language we don’t. When that happens, you need a brilliant interpreter on board. One with the right qualifications and at least 5 years’ experience, who can translate in both directions right away. Then, everything becomes clear and all things are possible. At Absolute Translations, we don’t just provide Portuguese interpreting services. We carefully pick the perfect Portuguese interpreter for each event. And we craft bespoke packages for our clients that do more than tick boxes. They’re solutions to problems. We build bridges. Start conversations. Connect people who don’t speak a word of each other’s language. And we offer over 200 language combinations. Tell us what you need and when. Whether it’s weeks or months in advance, same day or next day, we can help. Ask for support at any event or occasion. In any location worldwide.


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Celebrating 20+ years, Absolute Translations has become synonymous with providing quality translations at transparent low prices.

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Experienced Portuguese Interpreters for Various Events & Industries

● Legal hearings and court trials
● Medical appointments
● Interviews
● Prison visits
● Business meetings
● Summits
● Conferences
● Expos
● Festivals

Portuguese is the third most spoken language in the West. There are 260 million Portuguese speakers on the planet. It’s the seventh most widely spoken language in the world. The British Council highlighted it as one of the most important languages for the future. But still only 20 UK universities offer Portuguese courses. So good Portuguese interpreting services are hard to find. The search stops here.

Portuguese translation services professional UK

Our interpreters are qualified experts. With Portuguese as their first language.

Like any language, Portuguese has it’s own unique complexities. It’s pronounced one way in Brazil and another in Portugal for starters. And some words carry completely different meanings in the two countries. Some Portuguese phrases can’t be directly translated into English. So you need an expert Portuguese interpreter who can render what’s being said without losing the original meaning. Our interpreters are native Portuguese speakers with a deep understanding of the language. And the culture and customs of Portugal. They know about the importance of family, loyalty, religion, rank and hierarchy. And they’re aware of the strict rules for business etiquette. They can communicate with people at all levels and in any situation.

One comprehensive quote. No surprise charges

Extra charges can come as a shock. Especially when you’ve already had a quote and paid it. We don’t do that. When we send you a quote, the total figure includes everything. The cost of Portuguese interpreting services, along with travel time and expenses. We’re totally transparent when it comes to costs. That’s what makes us unique.

Court-Approved Interpreters/Consecutive Interpreters

Best for events like hearings, trials, solicitor meetings, prison visits, and small conferences. Situations when people speak for up to 5 minutes at a time. Such as question and answer scenarios. The interpreter listens to what’s being said, processes it and then paraphrases in the client’s target language. The interpreter needs in-depth knowledge of both languages and cultures to do it.

Conference and Simultaneous Interpreting

Great for summits, annual meetings and forums as well as conferences, simultaneous interpreting is fast and requires total focus. A lead interpreter in a headset sits in a soundproof booth and renders what the speaker is saying on the spot. The interpreter is supported by at least one colleague. Both need to have certain qualifications and training. The team works solidly for 20 minutes and then takes a short break. Delegates are given headsets with many different language channels to choose from, so everyone can understand what’s being said.  We can provide interpreters and all the equipment you need.

Portuguese conference interpreting professional speaking on a podium on a microphone

Telephone Interpreting

Need to have a three-way conversation such as a conference call? When you need to speak urgently in different languages, we set up telephone interpreting. The client and the third party communicate through the interpreter, who translates back and forth.

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Professional Service

Translations were done in timely manner and of good quality.

Alexandra Garzotto
1 week ago

Quick & Complete respon…

The response of the Company and its personnel was professional and, in speed of response beyond my e…

Graham M
1 week ago

Perfect job

Perfect job. Got a reasonable quote and the quality of the job was perfect. Will bare the address in…

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Accurate translation

Wonderful company to deal with. Very fast turnaround, immediate response to mails. Choice of levels …

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Nice reading and presentati…

Nice reading and presentation

Jean Elvis
2 weeks ago

They did exactly what they …

They did exactly what they said they would do.

ian carter
2 weeks ago

Great service as always

Great service as always. I highly recommend their services.

Sophie Mendez
2 weeks ago

Excellent advice and servic…

The service was excellent. When I asked which service they would recommend they responded very prom…

3 weeks ago

Excellent quality

Excellent quality, quick delivery of PDF file soon followed by bound copy of the translated document…

Neil Guinn
3 weeks ago


Quick, responsive and reliable. Good quality service overall.

Natalja Martynova
3 weeks ago

Great services

Great services, I would definitely recommend it.

Raiza Sampa
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Excellent communication and…

Excellent communication and information provided at a very competitive price and really good turn ar…

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Great experience.Correct tr…

Great experience.Correct translation without errors

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Great experience the team at Absolute Translations, translated legal documents for me on very short …

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We have used Absolute Trans…

We have used Absolute Translations for years and they are always helpful and efficient. Thank you!

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Quick & good quality of translation

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I required urgent assistance. The response was prompt along with a quote. The turnaround for the t…

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The experience was great

The experience was great, fast and professional. This was the second time I used Absolute Translatio…

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