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Communicate in full colour. Record Punjabi folklore, history, recipes, and more in up to 200 language combinations. From famous cricket victories to ancient ballads, our Punjabi transcriptionists are your guarantee you’ll preserve meaning and nuance in every cultural record. Whether you’re preparing interviews for book research, bringing the latest news to emigrants or preparing evidence for court, our transcription services are here to help.


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Safeguard culture and tradition

Fulfil your duty to the Punjab’s rich cultural tradition. Oral historians, folklorists, and eco-travel organisations all count on Absolute Translations when they need to express the values and complexities of Punjabi life. Our transcriptionists are more than just experienced translators: they’re also mother-tongue speakers selected for their expertise in travel, academic, and public-sector communication. Giving you the ability to transform the spoken word into text that feels as though it’s been written by a native.

Punjabi transcriptionists with specialist subject knowledge

Be adaptable. Our flexible, four-quote system lets you pick the linguistic service that’s right for your budget and schedule. Plus we offer a range of transcription packages to suit the needs of your project. Allowing you to have Punjabi audio and video transcribed into written Punjabi – or transcribed and translated into a different target language. What’s more, with transcripts time-coded to custom intervals you’ll always be able to find the telling point in the narrative.

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Speedy, friendly and comparately cheaper than other providers.

Juan David Lopez
6 days ago

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

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On schedule and good communication from the team

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Fast and professional translation + friendly support!

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The company is very good, kind, but the company is best at the helpfulness and great products

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It was completed on time

The check that your nemes are correct before they start

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Fantastic service

Can’t fault this company. Their response is quick and professional. Will certainly use them again.

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I am highly satisfied with …

I am highly satisfied with the translation services provided by their company for all my certificate…

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The team are so professional and so flexible with all your request. KUDOZ to this team. Keep it up …

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Pleasant serrvice

Pleasant serrvice. Quick and easy. Reasonably priced.

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Great service

Great service , and very polite ,which is almost non existing ,anymore.

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great quality and speed of service. thank you.

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Easy quick and good price

Easy quick and good price. Thanks

Ibrahim alhaggo
1 month ago

Great Customer service!

Great Customer service!

1 month ago

Quick response from the com…

Quick response from the company, they were able to complete the task on time.

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This company is brilliant

This company is brilliant! Very professional and top notch! Very pleased with services. Myself neede…

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Consistently good service

I have been impressed with the organisation, speed of project sign-on and completion.

Dawn Stallwood


Punjabi is mainly spoken in the Punjab region which is Pakistan and India, with around 113 million native speakers of the language, it is globally important, it is also the 3rd most frequently spoken language in England.


Punjabi is slightly complex to translate into written documents as written Punjabi varies depending on what region or religion the speaker/reader is from.

There is a modern written standard for Punjabi in both India and Pakistan which is known as Majhi.

Yet in India, Punjabi is most often written with a Gurmukhi alphabet which is most often associated with Sikhs. Whereas in Pakistan, they write in a modified version of the Urdu alphabet called Shahmukhi, which is often associated with Punjabi Muslims.

To make matters more confusing Shahmukhi is written from right to left, while Gurmukhi is written from left to right.

These regional variations highlight the importance of hiring a translator who while being an expert linguist is also a native speaker and fully aware of the impact culture can have on the translation of a document.


Punjabi is a richly expressive language, and those who wish to preserve its cultural tradition need to transcribe their interviews, stories, and conversations with Punjabi speakers.

That’s where Absolute Translations comes in! We can help you preserve your recordings and keep your stories alive with Punjabi audio transcripts.

Our transcriptionists are not only experienced translators: they also speak the language of your source material (in this case, Punjabi) as a mother tongue and are extensively trained in voice-to-text processes. This means that your transcriptions don’t just sound like someone speaking in English; they capture the spirit of the original speaker.


We know that when you are looking to transcribe Punjabi, cost is often a deciding factor for which transcription agency you choose to work with.

We offer a range of transcription packages to suit the needs of your project our flexible, four-quote system lets you pick the linguistic service that’s right for your budget and schedule. Fill in our simple form above to receive a no-obligation quote and discover how truly competitive our pricing is.


The most frequent complaint people have about language software, like Google Translate, is that it cannot translate with 100% accuracy and often cannot translate some words at all.

Translator software is incredibly difficult to make as no two languages have the same grammar or translate exactly in meaning. Translation software, even the paid versions, are at best rudimentary.

Instead, it is far faster and more reliable to get a real human being with the language skills to accurately translate for you.