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What Certified Translation Services Do We Offer?

When individuals try to translate their own documents, it is inevitably filled with mistakes. If these are important documents, this could be detrimental to your application; costing you lots of additional time and money. Therefore, it is important to seek out professional certified translation services. Whether you’re looking to get married in Mexico, settle a…

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Marketing Fails Caused By Language Barriers

For businesses looking to reach new customers, marketing and advertising is essential. Not only is it a vital part of increasing your brand awareness but it can lead to a huge spike in sales. Therefore, it is important to get your marketing efforts right first time round. However, when these new customers are based in…

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Industries That Benefit From Translation Services

In today’s digital age, connection and interaction is more important than ever. The online world is a global community of Internet users who are sharing information and building relationships. However, this need for communication extends to offline as well. While there are plenty of businesses who can benefit from translation services, there are a few…

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The Advantages of Translation Services for Aviation

With an average of 8 million people taking flights every day, the aviation industry is getting on board with professional translation services. The travel experience can often be confusing – especially when arriving in foreign countries and struggling to understand their language. Travelers may not be able to navigate complex airports and find out important…

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Three Questions To Ask A Translation Company

When it comes to finding the right translation company to deliver professional and high-quality translation service, it can be difficult. After all, there are so many different translation providers out there who offer a variety of translation services and linguistic solutions in the UK. Not only do you want the highest standard of translations to…

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Professional Translators: Colours In Cultures

You may not think about the significance of colour in your day to day life but in fact, colours can remind us of an exact place, time of year or even our favourite traditions. They can even shape the way we feel and act; making them extremely important when it comes to marketing and design….

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Why Businesses Should Utilise Professional Translation Services

For companies to succeed, it’s vital to push their success beyond the borders of their home country and reach as many people as possible. However, the ability to communicate with prospective clients and customers can present a challenge to businesses looking to expand abroad; with many looking towards a translation service to help. No matter…

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The Advantages of Using Multilingual Voice-Over Services

In the last few years, global organisations have started to implement video marketing strategies into their general marketing approach in order to reach a wider audience and connect with their customers. Expert marketers have pointed to the large spike in video watch-times by social media users as the main reason for companies’ producing their own…

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The Importance of Localisation For Global Marketing Campaigns

Global organisations spend millions of pounds crafting the perfect marketing campaign to raise awareness of their brand across the globe. However; a campaign can slowly turn into a nightmare when you find out your slogan translates to something very different; and often offensive; in another language. The team here at Absolute Translations understand that marketing…

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How Has The Evolution of Languages Affected Translations?

In the past, communicating with people who speak different languages was a difficult task. For example, early European settlers encountered difficulties when trying to do business with natives in the Americas and Asia. Whilst in recent years, globalisation has changed the way we connect with others, there is still an issue with communication in business….

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