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How Japanese Translation Services Can Benefit Your Expansion

Since the 20th Century, Japan’s economy has grown remarkably as well as their reputation for innovation and technological advancement. From pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to robotics and cybersecurity, Japan has a top notch, constantly-evolving manufacturing industry that you are unlikely to find anywhere else around the world. For organisations looking to gain a foothold in the…

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3 Language Facts from Professional Translators

The world is full of diverse and unique languages – with roughly 6,500 spoken languages existing today. From the musical sounds of the Japanese language to the romantic expressions of French, there is plenty to get excited about when it comes to researching different languages. As a provider of certified translation services, Absolute Translations are passionate…

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The Differences Between Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages

There are an estimated 2,300 languages spoken in Asia. But Chinese, Japanese and Korean make up the most popular East Asian languages. Upon hearing the three languages spoken, you may struggle to distinguish exactly which one is which. Even the written alphabet can be hard to tell apart. While the three countries may be close…

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Picture Perfect Language Services

While Absolute Translations is happy to offer you an impeccable language service, we recognise that serving a client’s best interests often means doing far more than simply translating words on a page. More and more, you’re coming to us with requests for print-ready multilingual material. We’re proud to have earned your trust not only in…

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