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Professional Translators: Colours In Cultures

You may not think about the significance of colour in your day to day life but in fact, colours can remind us of an exact place, time of year or even our favourite traditions. They can even shape the way we feel and act; making them extremely important when it comes to marketing and design….

Professional DTP services for different languages represented by mutli coloured lamps

Translation Services for UK Businesses Expanding Worldwide

In the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of businesses starting to operate on a global scale. While most companies are selling products and services to customers overseas, there are some companies who depend on designers in one country while their products are made and sold elsewhere. With many…

Translation services for UK businesses expanding worldwide symbolised by a man standing on world map

A Guide to The Top Three Most Spoken European Languages

When it comes to languages, Europe is a small yet mighty linguistic hub. As a relatively small continent with only 50 countries, it can be shocking to some that Europe is home to 150 languages. The majority of these languages evolved from the Indo-European family language tree; which also covers not only Europe but South…

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Benefits of Multilingual Social Media Campaigns

In the last decade, social media has boomed with approximately two billion users worldwide. From Facebook to Instagram, the rise in popularity for social media networks has created a high level of competitiveness amongst different brands to become well known in their industries. Nowadays, social media campaigns are an essential component of a business’ marketing…

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