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Are Professional Translators Required in 2019?

In recent years, companies have started developing new technology which allows people to communicate with each other easily. Ultimately, removing any language barriers that existed between speakers of different languages. With rapid advancements in translation technology and a £40bn global market, experts propose that machine translators are set to change the world. However, for professional…

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How Translation Services Can Benefit Brands?

Whether you’re planning to expand and open a new store in another country or want to meet with new foreign business partners, there are a number of challenges and risks that may affect your overseas growth. One of the biggest challenges is language barriers; with only 38% of UK citizens being able to fluently speak…

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Professional Translators: Colours In Cultures

You may not think about the significance of colour in your day to day life but in fact, colours can remind us of an exact place, time of year or even our favourite traditions. They can even shape the way we feel and act; making them extremely important when it comes to marketing and design….

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Why Businesses Should Utilise Professional Translation Services

For companies to succeed, it’s vital to push their success beyond the borders of their home country and reach as many people as possible. However, the ability to communicate with prospective clients and customers can present a challenge to businesses looking to expand abroad; with many looking towards a translation service to help. No matter…

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The Most Important Language Services Businesses Need To Utilise in 2019

With the new year in full swing, it is going to be an important year for businesses across the globe. As such, organisations around the world have started implementing their plans to expand their businesses. In order to make the most of 2019 for your business, take a look at the most important language services…

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Optimising Your Website Content for Voice Search SEO with Translation Services

While it may be in its early days, voice search is definitely not a fad! It has gained traction over the last few years due to its convenience and ease of use. Voice search is also faster than typical searching, this makes it a popular way to browse the web. In May 2016, Sundar Pichai…

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How to Translate a Website For International Audiences

Translating a website into a different language may sound simple and easy; just copy and paste your content into automated translation software and you’re done. However, website translation actually requires specialist skills by qualified professionals to successfully attract a global audience. For businesses looking to localise their website into a different language, you will require…

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A Guide to The Top Three Most Spoken European Languages

When it comes to languages, Europe is a small yet mighty linguistic hub. As a relatively small continent with only 50 countries, it can be shocking to some that Europe is home to 150 languages. The majority of these languages evolved from the Indo-European family language tree; which also covers not only Europe but South…

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3 Language Facts from Professional Translators

The world is full of diverse and unique languages – with roughly 6,500 spoken languages existing today. From the musical sounds of the Japanese language to the romantic expressions of French, there is plenty to get excited about when it comes to researching different languages. As a provider of certified translation services, Absolute Translations are passionate…

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How Has The Evolution of Languages Affected Translations?

In the past, communicating with people who speak different languages was a difficult task. For example, early European settlers encountered difficulties when trying to do business with natives in the Americas and Asia. Whilst in recent years, globalisation has changed the way we connect with others, there is still an issue with communication in business….

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