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Industries That Benefit From Translation Services

In today’s digital age, connection and interaction is more important than ever. The online world is a global community of Internet users who are sharing information and building relationships. However, this need for communication extends to offline as well. While there are plenty of businesses who can benefit from translation services, there are a few…

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Driving Ambition Through Technical Translation Services

At Absolute Translations, we promise to be there when our clients need us. In 2018, our clients in the automotive industry need our support more than ever. Britain makes 1.7 million cars a year, and 80% of them are sold overseas. Would you buy a new car if you couldn’t understand what was written in…

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The Benefits of Having a Specialist Translator for Medical Documents

Following the trend of global workforces and expanding your business worldwide, a huge number of companies are sending their employees to live and work abroad. According to the United Nations, there are an estimated 258 million international migrants across the world and this number is expected to rise in the next few years. Moving to…

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