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Crossing Oceans

We all care about keeping the lights on and keeping the engines running. Energy sourcing and supply is central to our lives, and Absolute Translations is proud to play a key role with high quality oil and gas translations for many sector leaders, including BP, Shell and Serco. Whether they operate on land or at sea their professional standards don’t vary, and neither do ours.

This week the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of ocean technology services are gathered in London for Oceanology International. The three-day event is an ideal showcase for developments in sub-sea drilling, engineering and communication. For Absolute Translations, it’s a welcome reminder that our clients in this sector take the same view of technology and security that we do. Companies that drill, explore and lay piping on the ocean floor can now benefit from technology that was developed for space exploration. Communications systems are becoming more refined and more reliable all the time. Absolute Translations is the perfect partner for these innovators. When we translate equipment manuals, marketing material and Environmental Impact Assessments we make use of cutting edge translation technology combined with years of expertise in the terminology of oil and gas translations.

When clients explore opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico, they know we will support them with linguists who are not only expert in the technicalities of Mexican Spanish but also well versed in the changes in Mexico’s deregulated oil industry. When clients want to safeguard their reputations in engineering projects that may cross from Asia into Central Europe, Absolute is happy to offer them translation teams who understand the nuance of communication between Chinese and Russian, between Russian and Turkish or between Turkish and English.

Pioneers such as Teledyne Marine, Sonardyne and Fugro are sharing their knowledge and ambition at the Excel Arena this week, and we recognise them as companies that share our commitment to getting the job done professionally.

When you’re crossing oceans you need to be sure you’re in safe hands, and the risks associated with subsea work leave no room for mistakes. When it comes to health and safety manuals, occupational safety instructions and training manuals, whatever the subject and whatever the language, attention to detail is vital. Over the next two decades, subsea production is forecast to grow at an average of between 10 and 15 per cent each year. The professionalism in the oil and gas industry combined with the expertise of communication partners like Absolute Translations will help it grow safely.