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Website Translation Services

Website translation and localisation services are a special skill, very different to a word for word translation. You need a team of qualified translators with a mother-tongue understanding of your target language. You need cultural knowledge, to make sure that your web content or apps localisation campaigns are appealing to the territories your brand message breaks into. And you need an eye for design, to be sure that the finished product will look as good in the target language as it does in its original form.

Here at Absolute Translations, our vast portfolio of expertise in website translation services will ensure that we entrust your translation to the translator with the most relevant qualifications to your web content. Some of the companies and organisations we have assisted include: Net-A-Porter, Hunter Boots, Positech Games, Castrol, Liberty London, Microsoft, and the Tunisian National Tourism Office.

The most successful brands trust our services.
(As do the fastest-developing startups.)

We've helped global brands and smaller businesses expand in 38 countries and 200 languages.

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Wonderful company to deal with. Very fast turnaround, immediate response to mails.

—  BL


I used Absolute Translations to translate website content from English to Chinese. The staff were friendly and professional, and the document was returned efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to others.

—  Kate Fox


ISO17100 & ISO9001

ISO 17100 The first UK translation company to achieve this specialist translation accreditation. ISO 9001 international processes accreditation.


Goldman Sachs
10KSB Member

Selected by Goldman Sachs to be an exclusive member of its £500 million productivity & growth investment programme.



There to re-enforce our commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and translation quality.


20 Years’

Celebrating 20+ years, Absolute Translations has become synonymous with providing quality translations at transparent low prices.


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Systems Regulated

Absolute Translations is registered to have its information and security systems independently regulated for GDPR compliance.

Adwords & SEO Keywords Translation

PPC campaigns, SEO keywords, and metadata tags are significant elements that search engines check when indexing your new translated webpages. Normally, a simple direct translation of keywords will not be very effective in foreign searches conducted online and can be costly in regards to both wasted and unwanted clicks. Compounded with low CTR, this will also affect the keyword quality scores which in turn will further increase costs per click. Our website translation experts are on hand to advise you on the correct way to have your keywords and meta tags translated and localised, to maximise your return on investment. We cover all areas, from e-commerce and interactive platforms to apps, B2B websites, and online blogs, working at unrivalled speed and with exceptional precision.


Localization Or Localisation?

Your website acts as a window into your brand for customers and prospects, so an accurately translated and localised website is crucial. Our solid and proven track record in website translation and transcreation services of marketing campaigns has enabled us to provide multilingual website translation in a variety of sectors. Our localisation services work on every level – from delivering your message with the cultural understanding and sensitivity you need, to picking each word with the editorial eye of a native speaker or proofreading the content after it has been uploaded on your website platform. To give you the best service possible, we only use mother-tongue website translators and never employ machine translations.




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15 hours ago

Professional translation

You did a perfect job for me.

Minoo Goodarzi

3 days ago

Fast and accurate

Accurate , fast service. Reasonably priced. Recommended

Mr. des willerton

3 days ago

Prompt delivery and service from start…

Prompt delivery and service from start to finish

R Knight

3 days ago

I am highly impressed with the…

I am highly impressed with the translation service provided for my document, which required translation from Russian to Italian and subsequent legalisation. The entire experience was seamless, and all tasks were completed within a week, exceeding my expectations. I highly recommend this service to anyone in need of accurate and timely translations.

Maria Vinogradova

1 week ago

Excellent !!

Excellent !!


1 week ago

Excellent work you did

Excellent work you did

Minoo Goodarzi

1 week ago

Fantastic service

Fantastic service! Quick and easy to use. Thanks 🤩

Leonie K

1 week ago

Good service

Good communication, fast service and reasonably priced too. Thank you.

CompleteSavings member

2 weeks ago

Very professional

Very professional, extremely brilliant.

Mosaddec Razib

2 weeks ago

They are very fast in responding

They are very fast in responding, and with delivery Thankyou

Fathema Begum

2 weeks ago

Great Experience.

Great Experience.

Rashid Minhas

2 weeks ago

Excellent service from start to finish

Excellent service from start to finish. Within a couple of days, translation done, emailed a copy to us and sent a hard copy in the post. Will definitely use again.

Maria Demetriou

2 weeks ago

100 percent happy for the work they did…

100 percent happy for the work they did for me, just perfect. Thank you Melisa

Mostafa Hassan

2 weeks ago

Would recommend

This was my second time using Absolute Translations. They are helpful and service was fast. I would recommend them!


2 weeks ago

Very professional

Very professional

Andrea Domaracka

2 weeks ago

Fantastic service

We have been trying to sort this out for a long time now. I found the experience great and very easy to do. From start to finish we had a fantastic service. We had a few questions before going ahead the response was very fast and great advice. I would highly recommend and thank the people who are part of Absolute Translations.


2 weeks ago

Very quick turnaround and great service!

Great service and responses from Sena, Evi and team . Got a very quick turnaround at a reasonable price for technical documentation translations to Italian and German.


2 weeks ago

Fast service with accurate translations

Fast service with accurate translations


3 weeks ago

Quick and Easy

Quick and easy to deal with my request

Sheeba Murukesan

3 weeks ago

Second time using their service

Second time using their service, reasonable price and they do it fast.

Ka Du

3 weeks ago

Wedding Certificate Translation

I got marriage over 20 odd years ago in the dominican republic and have a spanish wedding certificate after being thrown from one person to another I final got told about this company who was so helpful to me, Mattia Piersanti was so kind and helpful even chatted on phone and went though all I needed. even at times when I got confused he just calmly went over it again. Richa Gupta took over when my certificate was done and kindly told me all that had been done, I am so grateful for all there help and the price was so much cheaper than I thought it would be. Thank you so much again Heidi

Mrs H Lowe



Google Translate is a free online translation service that can translate words, phrases, and web pages between languages. It has proven to be a very useful tool when traveling abroad, or even trying to communicate with someone who speaks another language. It is not perfect though; it does not translate idioms, and it can sometimes be unclear in its interpretation.
While it is a great tool used by many people, the downside is that each translation will be very literal and may sound quite different from the original content, making it difficult to understand. For example, if your original copy is about a “dog” and you translate it to German, you will get a text that sounds like “canine” which could be confusing if you don’t know what a “canin”e is in German.
Google Translate (Yandex Translate or any other translation platform online) cannot replace professional translation. The quality is often questionable and can sometimes be inaccurate, especially when translating larger amounts of content from one language to another. It works best for short, simple texts, such as basic greetings and phrases used in travel or tourism. It does not work well for large content translation projects.
For anything more complicated than a few sentences, it’s best to hire a professional translator to do the job and avoid an online translator (like DeepL)


One of the biggest benefits of translating your site into other languages is to reach new audiences in foreign markets and grow your business while improving customer satisfaction. Some languages, such as Portuguese, are spoken by over 200 million people around the world. It’s important to recognize that translation does not just mean translating from one language to another. You may need to translate any combination of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs in order to convey the same meaning in another language. This is just one of many examples. Translating your website into other languages can also be important for SEO purposes since you might rank higher in search results when you target a particular country or region with specific dialects.


● An increased reach. The number of people who have internet access is gradually increasing. Translation into other languages can help you get your message out to an even larger international audience.
● Increased sales from international markets. If you translate your website into other languages, it will be more accessible to potential customers in different countries. This may result in a higher conversion rate and, ultimately, more revenue for your business.
● Increased brand awareness: Translating your website into another language gives you the opportunity to use word-of-mouth marketing strategies to send a message about your company to smaller foreign markets or other parts of the world.
● Increased search engine optimization (SEO) of the translated website: Optimising a translated site with localised meta tags is an effective way of boosting SEO rankings on Google and other search engines.


Website localisation is the process of adapting a site to suit the needs and preferences of internet users in a specific geographic region. Localisation can be achieved by translating text, adjusting the content for local laws or cultural norms, or adapting the interface to fit a certain device.
There are many benefits to having your website localised, including improved page performance, better user experience and increased web traffic from international search engines. If your business wants to sell goods and services internationally or increase orders in general, you should ensure that all of your content is translated into each language that you wish to target.
A localised site will allow your company to be accessible to a wider audience, which expands your customer base in foreign markets. This also means that there will be more people who can understand and relate to your products or services, as well as providing you with new perspectives on how you should advertise them.
Website localisation also gives your business credibility in the eyes of potential customers, because it makes it clear that you care about different cultures and languages. It shows that you are not just trying to please everyone at home (or in your own country). Our website translation services will help you achieve a more localised presence and expand your online visibility. It’s the perfect solution!


People are more likely to trust a site where the content is in their native language. For companies looking for translation solutions, the best option is to hire a human translator instead of relying on online translation tools. Human translators are able to take into account cultural nuances that may not be captured by a machine translation. A word-for-word automated translation of “schnitzel” from German to Spanish would be “croquetas”–leading an unsuspecting reader to think that it’s a type of food instead of the cutlet. Human translators will have a better understanding of these cultural nuances and can provide high-quality language translations for your websites.


Working closely with a dedicated account manager, our team of professional translators will take care of the translation workflow so that you can focus on your business. We work in over 200 languages (such as English, Dutch, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, and German to name a few) and our professional translators also specialise in over 27 business sectors across many markets – making sure your target market or target audience is being catered for in their language of choice.
Getting a quote for website translation services is very easy – after filling out a brief order form we will be able to provide pricing for your translations. You can also use our email address to get in touch and ask any questions that you may have about our service.
Our team uses professional translation software along with other high-quality tools but the translation work is carried out by native speakers of the language that is being translated to. This speeds up the translation process and allows us to work with large data sets. We are quick to address any fixes that are needed – amending texts and characters as and when our clients see fit.


Need to translate Russian blog posts or page content into English along with social media posts? Sending files over in Russian is not a problem for us! In fact, you can send over files in over 200 languages and it will not be a problem, this is what our translator does best.
We work hard to ensure that clients do not face any kind of disruption in the process of translating their website. Website translation is a service used by many clients to target international audiences. Get in touch today for the perfect solution!


As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the environment for future generations, Absolute Translations is proud to have achieved carbon negative status!