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    Latin Translation Services

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    Expert Latin Translation Services

    Although Latin is often referred to as a ‘dead language’, this is actually not true. Today Latin is still used to create new words in modern languages. Our carefully chosen accomplished Latin translators possess an extensive knowledge of Latin. Experienced in the historic uses of Latin as well as its modern day applications, we provide impeccable professional Latin translation services for diverse clients such as The University of London, Cambridge University Press, Manchester City Council, Greater London Authority and Channel 5. Our academic team of Latin translators work with great precision to translate quickly your short Latin texts within a day. Larger assignments will be confidently scheduled by our experienced project management team to ensure we meet your deadlines.


    An internationally recognised standard, with certification ensuring organisations meet a high level of quality

    ISO 9001 : 2000


    A specialist accreditation specific to translation companies. Something Absolute Translations is proud to have pioneered in the UK

    ISO 17100 : 2015**(Specialist translation accreditation)


    Selected by Goldman Sachs to be an exclusive member of its £500 million productivity & growth investment programme

    Goldman Sachs 10KSB Member


    There to re-enforce our commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and translation quality

    Association of Translation Companies & EUATC Member


    Celebrating 15+ years; Absolute Translations has become synonymous with providing quality translations at transparent low prices

    15 Years' Expertise

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    Latin Translation Professionals

    Although Latin is seldom used today, at Absolute Translations we are proud to employ an experienced team of translators who are experts in the rare Latin scripts that occasionally we are asked to translate. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and academic qualifications in Latin translation. However, it’s not just the high quality of our Latin translations that ensure our clients choose us. With some of the most competitive rates available, we offer a cost effective and dependable solution.

    Certified Latin Translations

    We can process your medical, legal and academic certificates securely, accurately, and quickly, even at short notice. We are able to provide you with an official translation, statement of truth, affidavit, notarisation or Apostille of your translation in cooperation with an in-house notary and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    Legal Translation

    Our specialist translators will be aware of ambiguities in terms such as “warning” and “caution” within different languages.

    Medical Translation

    Medical translators with in-depth knowledge and strict compliance to ISO9001 & ISO17100 quality assurance.

    Technical Translation

    We have worked on documents from chair designs to technical specifications for the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer.

    Localisation Services

    Transcreation engages your audience to the tone of your brand. Convey your message abroad with an all-in-one service.


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