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All You Need to Know About Burmese Interpreting Services

Despite originating from a small corner of the world, Burmese is still spoken globally by over 33 million individuals. No matter where you are in the world, if you are likely to deal with people who speak Burmese as their first language, you will need to make use of professional Burmese interpreting services.

Absolute Translations have been assisting businesses and individuals with interpreting services for over 20 years. We understand that language interpretation can be crucial in times of need. Our services aim to make processes that may require translation as smooth as possible.

What are interpreting services?

Interpreting services are usually delivered by trained professionals. It involves a trained interpreter converting spoken word from one language to another, in real time. This can be within face-to-face settings such as business meetings or legal situations, or it can be over the phone or video.

Where is Burmese spoken?

The Burmese language is mainly spoken in Myanmar, however, it is also spoken across the world. In the UK, there are just under 20,000 people who speak Burmese as their first language. If UK businesses want to expand abroad, or communicate with specific customers who speak Burmese, they will need to use interpreters.

Why are interpreters important?

In the Burmese language, there are three tones that are used. Without a professional interpreter who speaks the language fluently, individuals and businesses may struggle to communicate correctly. Burmese also has a mixture of dialects depending on where a person is from, so native localisation is essential for ease of understanding.

When is an interpreter needed?

If one party speaks Burmese and another does not, you would be required to use Burmese interpreting services. Interpreters are vital within medical or legal settings where an individual involved speaks Burmese and the other does not, for example, a doctor’s appointment.

Burmese Interpreting services at Absolute Translations

Here at Absolute Translations, our interpreters are located all across the world. We ensure our Burmese interpreting services are delivered by those who speak Burmese as their native language. This ensures they have the correct dialect knowledge to accurately interpret in any situation. Additionally, our professionals are well-versed in industries such as the medical, financial, and legal fields.

If you would like to find out more information about our Burmese interpreting services, then why not get in touch with our team today on 0333 577 0767. Alternatively, you can e-mail