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    The Sky’s the Limit

    When you fly high, you see more. Our business strategy is, and always will be, informed by the people who matter most to us. Our customers. Your feedback gives Absolute Translations a 95% top mark on Trustpilot, and we’re aiming to make that 100%. Keep the reviews coming – they’re what make us do better.

    A Global Team

    Our translators are professionally qualified subject experts, living and working in key locations around the world. Their translations are accurate and localised to your target audience. And because they’re working in your target timezone, you don’t have to wait for the results. In today’s connected world, we’re not just on the map. We’re all over it.

    Goldman Sachs - A Milestone

    Excellent work is its own reward, but a prestigious award is nice too. In 2012, Goldman Sachs selected Absolute Translations to be a member of the 10KSB programme. Designed by the respected investment firm to drive growth, create jobs and foster opportunities in the UK, 10KSB has given us more than recognition. We’re now connected to a network of professional support, and enjoy access to the latest technologies and trends. We win, and so do your translations.

    Organic Growth

    Our translations are free from artificial additives. Our fair prices contain no hidden nasties. Our dedication to delivering the highest quality of natural translations means we’ve never needed a sales team to grow our business. Absolute Translations has doubled in size in the last two years, growing organically through customer recommendations alone.

    Everyone’s Welcome

    Our service tastes great no matter who you are! From private clients to global corporations, Absolute translations are the high water mark for quality and service. Whether you need a quick translation of a personal document, or a company-wide initiative to standardise international product manuals, our translation teams are composed and focused for your needs.

    Specialist Certified Translation

    We don’t want you just to take our word for the quality of an Absolute translation. That’s why we pioneered the achievement of ISO 17100:2015 certification in the UK. As the first British company to receive this strictly-monitored accolade, we’re proud that our specialist work is independently audited for continuously increasing quality.

    Dedicated Notary

    Ana, our dedicated notary, prepares documents for notarisation in hundreds of languages. Working directly for courts and over 250 solicitor’s firms, she’ll make sure your papers are perfectly protected. From authentication to attestation, Ana’s expertise in legalese is available as a same-day service.

    Celebrating 15 Years

    Absolute Translations has grown from one founding translator working in four languages to a globally respected company providing expert translation in over 200 tongues. It’s been a story of passion, dedication and quality work. Now that’s a reason to celebrate.

    Memory Cat Tools

    We don’t believe in machine translations. We do believe in technology. Using the latest tools, we create a translation memory specific to your documents. Your translation team uses this to keep track of terminology, update your translation guidelines and avoid duplicated content. You can save up to 70% on translations, we deliver faster. When you introduce the best translators to the best technology, quality happens.

    Pioneering in translation quality


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