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The benefits of using professional multilingual voice-over services

Having your business blossom into a name known worldwide and being able to connect with global clients is the dream of many, but a reality for very few. There are many challenges that disrupt the process of expanding a modest business into a global giant. One exceptionally important hurdle is the difficulty of accommodating language…

voice-over services

Three Hilarious Tattoo Translation Fails: Why You Need Certified Tattoo Translation Services

Here at Absolute Translations – providers of professional and reliable translation services for over 15 years, tattoo translations are a relatively new offering. Tattoos have risen in popularity thanks to the likes of David Beckham and Rihanna. As a result, a fifth of British adults are inked currently and plenty are thinking of getting one….

Certified Tattoo Translation Services

What Automotive Translation Services Do Absolute Translations Offer?

As one of the most fast-paced industries, the world of automotives has seen new players take the global stage and leaders of the industry become property of international conglomerates. In an industry rapidly growing combined with the rise in globalisation, the communications of automotive businesses need a greater amount of reach and accuracy. That’s why…

Automotive Translation Services

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What Do African Transcription Services Offer For Your Business?

With your business expanding worldwide, your need for professional transcription services will grow as well. As a global company, you may have audio and video files that need transcription in order to be understood by employees and customers. These files can be time-consuming and costly for you to transcribe in-house. However, professional transcription services can offer…

African Translation Services

Three Translation Services You Never Knew Existed

For global corporations, translation services are a great tool to communicate with business partners and connect with customers. After all, they remove the language barrier between you and your audience – as well as helping your business to grow exponentially. A professional translation company will be able to provide a range of effective and reliable…

Gambling translation services

The Benefits of Audio Transcription Services For Global Businesses

In recent years, global corporations have started to see the benefits in utilising translation services. After all, they can effectively communicate with their foreign partners and customers. It also helps companies to attract overseas business. A translation company can particularly benefit international businesses with audio transcription services. They offer more than just a single advantage…

audio transcription services represented by a microphone

Translation Mistakes in Court: Why Professional Translation Services are Necessary

Imagine being wrongly accused and found guilty of a crime you didn’t commit because of a legal error. What if that error was simply a mix-up between languages and a lack of professional translation services. Well, this is the case for numerous trials around the world. Particularly when the accused party isn’t given the opportunity…

professional translation services in the court room

Why It’s Important To Utilise A Medical Translator

Translation services are a beneficial asset to both businesses and individuals. This is particularly true in the case of hospitals and clinics where a medical translator is needed. After all, medical professionals have to meet a large number of foreign patients and may not have the necessary language skills to converse with patients. In fact,…

Medical Translator holding stethoscope

Three facts about foreign languages that benefit businesses

A good business is always looking for ways they can expand and grow. One of the ways company leaders can achieve this is by making partnerships abroad. However, international business often requires employees to learn and understand the cultures and foreign languages of your partners – which can be extremely difficult. After all, English is…

Foreign Languages translation services

How Translation Services Keep Global Business Moving

With a rise in globalisation, all kinds of businesses are operating on a global level. From small marketing agencies in London to large furniture manufacturers in Russia, it is now normal for companies to utilise designers in one country and make products in another. Working in such a way is often hugely beneficial for corporations. After…

Professional translators working in office on a laptop