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Three facts about foreign languages that benefit businesses

A good business is always looking for ways they can expand and grow. One of the ways company leaders can achieve this is by making partnerships abroad. However, international business often requires employees to learn and understand the cultures and foreign languages of your partners – which can be extremely difficult. After all, English is…

Foreign Languages

How Translation Services Keep Global Business Moving

With a rise in globalisation, all kinds of businesses are operating on a global level. From small marketing agencies in London to large furniture manufacturers in Russia, it is now normal for companies to utilise designers in one country and make products in another. Working in such a way is often hugely beneficial for corporations. After…

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The Importance of Legal Translation

The legal system of every country in the world varies from one another. It is common for the rules and regulations of a country to be defined by looking at the cultural attitudes of its citizens. Therefore, the beliefs and values of a society are often at the centre of law making. For international lawyers…

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How Poor Translation Services Ruin TV Shows

Coming to Netflix on 20th September, Criminal is a hugely ambitious series; comprising of 12 different stories set across four countries. It is also filmed in four different languages; English, French, Spanish and German. While it is a completely unique and simple concept in theory, British critics have noted that the subtitles often don’t translate…

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The Benefits of Interpreter Services For Finance

Whether it’s holding meetings with employees and clients overseas or conversing with customers, interpreter services are key to the financial industry. After all, banks and insurance companies have the huge responsibility of managing customers’ money. Any slight miscommunication could have a massive impact on, not only the customer, but the company itself. Therefore, financial services…

Are Professional Translators Required in 2019?

In recent years, companies have started developing new technology which allows people to communicate with each other easily. Ultimately, removing any language barriers that existed between speakers of different languages. With rapid advancements in translation technology and a £40bn global market, experts propose that machine translators are set to change the world. However, for professional…

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What Certified Translation Services Do We Offer?

When individuals try to translate their own documents, it is inevitably filled with mistakes. If these are important documents, this could be detrimental to your application; costing you lots of additional time and money. Therefore, it is important to seek out professional certified translation services. Whether you’re looking to get married in Mexico, settle a…

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Marketing Fails Caused By Language Barriers

For businesses looking to reach new customers, marketing and advertising is essential. Not only is it a vital part of increasing your brand awareness but it can lead to a huge spike in sales. Therefore, it is important to get your marketing efforts right first time round. However, when these new customers are based in…

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Why Businesses Can’t Rely on Google Translate

When expanding your business, it is easy to feel intimidated by the prospect of selling products and services in another language. According to recent research by the British Council, around three-quarters of British people don’t speak another language well enough to have a basic conversation. Then add in the factor of selling a product or…

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Industries That Benefit From Translation Services

In today’s digital age, connection and interaction is more important than ever. The online world is a global community of Internet users who are sharing information and building relationships. However, this need for communication extends to offline as well. While there are plenty of businesses who can benefit from translation services, there are a few…

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