Why Are Welsh Translations Services Important?

Why Are Welsh Translations Services Important?

With Wales planning to ensure there are 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050, it is vital your business is preparing for this. The Welsh government is encouraging all businesses and organisations to provide Welsh translations for their products and services where they can. This allows for growth to be accommodated. Absolute Translations have been helping businesses with our Welsh translation services for over 20 years. We continue to do so in order to cater for this expected rise in Welsh speakers.

Protecting the Welsh Language

Many in Wales believe that the Welsh language may become redundant if something isn’t done. In order to preserve their past and history, Wales wish to save Welsh from language extinction. This has previously been done in New Zealand, with the Māori language. Whilst the majority of the Welsh population speak English, they are their own country and having their own language gives them a sense of identity. Translating your businesses content, marketing campaigns and more, will allow this preservation and growth to continue.

Appreciating Culture

The Welsh language is engrained in the roots of Welsh culture. Welsh translation services can really help you to understand and respect this. When you are selling a product or service in Wales, you will need to consider your Welsh audience. It is worth noting that according to recent studies, 56% of Welsh consumers are more focused on the language of the product than the price. The understanding of the culture will reflect in your translations.

To ensure we are accurate with our cultural understanding here at Absolute Translations, we have translators who live and work in key locations in Wales. Not only this, but all our translators are native speakers. This allows for a more intimate and sensitive understanding of Welsh culture and the background of your text when we are translating. 

Keeping It Accurate

Not using professional Welsh translation services can lead to mistakes made within your translations. It can be tempting to use computer translations; however using automated systems can lead to mistranslations. Human translations will ensure you avoid the embarrassment of errors. Mistakes can reflect badly on your company, harm your prospects for business in Wales, and diminish the language by not giving it the respect it deserves.

Absolute Translations Welsh Translation Services

Our team are dedicated to ensuring the Welsh language thrives as it should. In order to do this, we only work with native speaking, human translators who have a wealth of experience. We whole-heartedly believe that using mother tongue translators is the best way to continue our industry-leading service and provide the highest quality translations for your business. We also offer our services to any business in any sector, including the medical field.

Contact Us

Want to find out more information about our Welsh translation services? Why not get in touch with our team today on 0333 577 0767. Alternatively, you can e-mail main@absolutetranslations.com.

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