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Georgian Translation Services

The Georgian language consists of a number of dialects that fall into two major groups, Western and Eastern. A rich and diverse language, the Georgian alphabet has its own independent alphabet. Linguistic expertise and specialised knowledge of a large number of industries support our unparalleled Georgian translation service. Translating into their mother tongue, each expert translator produces polished Georgian translation, which accurately delivers your message, as they do with BBC, VisitBritain, Cambridge University Press, Chanel, Hilton Hotels and Vodafone. Our high-quality and efficient Georgian translation, carried out by experienced professionals are the reason why companies all over the world are choosing Absolute Translations as a reliable long-term translation partner.


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Georgian Translation Services Professional

Professional Georgian Translation

Absolute Translations has created different teams of Georgian translators to support your translation needs. All of our Georgian translation experts are native speakers of the target language, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and academic qualifications in translation and interpreting. Therefore we are able to handle any document that needs to be localised into or from the Georgian language.

Economical Certified Georgian Translation

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to the translation of your most important documents and translated text. Our Georgian certified translation services are recognised by the UK Passport Office, The Legalisation Office and NARIC, making us the ideal provider to process your passports, birth, marriage and academic certificates quickly and securely. Expect a premium service that has some of the lowest global rates. Technical, complex and niche sector documents are all calculated by the word. It’s this transparency that has seen us rise to become a leader within our field.

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Speedy, friendly and comparately cheaper than other providers.

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Excellent Service

Excellent Service

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On schedule and good communication from the team

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Fast and professional translation + friendly support!

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The check that your nemes are correct before they start

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Pleasant serrvice

Pleasant serrvice. Quick and easy. Reasonably priced.

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Great service

Great service , and very polite ,which is almost non existing ,anymore.

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great quality and speed of service. thank you.

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Easy quick and good price

Easy quick and good price. Thanks

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Great Customer service!

Great Customer service!

1 month ago

Quick response from the com…

Quick response from the company, they were able to complete the task on time.

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This company is brilliant

This company is brilliant! Very professional and top notch! Very pleased with services. Myself neede…

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Consistently good service

I have been impressed with the organisation, speed of project sign-on and completion.

Dawn Stallwood

Professional Georgian Translation Services

Georgian is a unique Kartvelian language spoken natively by around 4.1 million people, including in Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

There are multiple nuances to translating from English to Georgian and vice versa, with a thorough knowledge of the Georgian dictionary, communication style and alphabet crucial to ensure professional, accurate results.

For example, Georgian scripts do not use capital letters and have a higher number of consonants in every word, with a 33-letter alphabet. This distinction is why many machine translation tools and online translators struggle to effectively produce translated text, legal translation, visa paperwork and other materials into clear, precise Georgian.

Our Georgian Translation Specialisms

Our highly skilled, native-speaking professional translators offer a range of services, including technical translations available for:

● Legal documents, insurance paperwork, contracts, medical texts and labelling.

● Company marketing translation, from website content to promotional campaigns, social media content and advertising materials.

● Personal paperwork, with certified translations available from accredited English to Georgian translators, with the ability to swiftly translate any content.

Many companies trying to translate English into Georgian and Georgian into English find the specific terms and phrases difficult since linguistics experts will recognise that Georgian is a Caucasian language incomparable to many other modern dialects.

In fact, it is closer to Megrelian and Svan than Russian or Ukrainian, which is why first-language translation is necessary for businesses, organisations and public sector bodies hoping to communicate effectively with a Georgian audience.

Native Speaking Georgian Translation

Absolute Translations provides all our Georgian translation online services through professional human translators. We recognise that online dictionaries and machine translation are inaccurate and cannot match the tone, style, branding and context that are important to ensure your translations deliver consistent messaging.

We use advanced technologies to record each detailed translation onto a secure database, helping our skilled Georgian to English translation team create ongoing translations quickly.

Our translators are carefully selected and are fluent in both English and first-language Georgian, with a range of specialist areas of expertise, enabling us to match your translation requirements to the right translator with the knowledge to deliver the accurate results you expect.

Using our extensive proprietary software, we filter through translation applicants to recruit world-class translators with the aptitudes, certifications and attention to detail we are proud to deliver for every translation project.

Certified Georgian Translation From an ISO Accredited Team

Absolute Translations holds a broad range of internationally recognised accreditations and quality marks, including dual ISO accreditation, as evidence of our customer service, quality control processes and commitment to innovation.

We can also provide certified translations to authenticate the accuracy of your completed translation, an essential requirement for many clients needing a validated translation to support technical requirements, application regulations and organisational policies.

Please get in touch to learn more about our Georgian translation team or enquire about the services you require. Alternatively, you can enter your project details at your convenience into our online quotation tool for an on-demand pricing estimate.