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Benefits of Multilingual Social Media Campaigns

In the last decade, social media has boomed with approximately two billion users worldwide. From Facebook to Instagram, the rise in popularity for social media networks has created a high level of competitiveness amongst different brands to become well known in their industries.

Nowadays, social media campaigns are an essential component of a business’ marketing strategy. They also provide an important link between a company and their customers. You only have to look at brands such as Cadbury and John Lewis who quickly identify trends and incorporate them into their social media strategy in the hope to get more views and followers on their accounts.

However, what happens when a brand has clients across the world, speaking all kinds of languages?

Multilingual Digital Marketing is a new wave of social media marketing, which aims to target audiences around the world taking into account their culture and language. For brands looking to build relationships with their overseas audience; multilingual digital marketing will ensure branding and company image are consistent throughout all channels and languages.

Aside from creating consistency, the marketing translation experts at Absolute Translations have listed the benefits of using multilingual digital marketing strategies:

1. Building connections with foreign audiences.

Translating your social media campaigns can help you build relationships and content with your target audience overseas. It will also give you a good insight into expanding your business with little to no direct competition. As one of few companies with multilingual digital marketing strategies, your business will be at an advantage when it comes to expanding abroad.

2. Attract new customers and sales.

When social media users are browsing, a promotional post in their own language will encourage them to learn more about your brand – especially if you’re a new brand with an interesting social media campaign. A multilingual digital marketing strategy will help capture the attention of prospective customers and boost your sales indefinitely.

3. Save your business money.

Without a physical store or headquarters in a location, it can be difficult to get the word out about your brand and the products or services you have to offer. However, launching your multilingual website or social media promotion can be operated from one central location. As a result, translating your social media posts into another language is more cost-effective than advertising from new outlets.

Want to know how Absolute Translations can assist with your multilingual digital strategy? We have a large team of marketing translation experts who will accurately translate your campaign into their native language. As a result, we can provide multilingual DTP services for global corporations such as BBC, Samsung and Virgin Atlantic.

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