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Why Are Sworn Translation Services Important?

In the last few years, sworn translation services have been in high demand due to migration, tourism, and globalisation. Individuals and businesses have been utilising sworn translations to authenticate documents for other countries. Absolute Translations have been providing sworn services to ensure smooth processes for companies for over 20 years and have become experts in dealing with legal translations.

What is sworn translation?

Sworn translation refers to the process of translating official documents and adapting them to the laws of a specific country. A sworn translator must carry out a special process to endorse the translation, sign, and seal it. These translators will have special recognition in their country in order to be able to translate and approve translations. A sworn translation has to be certified to have the same legal value of the original document. This ensures it has formal status when it reaches foreign authorities.

Who are sworn translators?

Sworn translators are translators who have the ability to certify certain documents in order for them to be valid according to the laws of a certain country. These types of translators are internationally recognised and approved by government officials.

Here at Absolute Translations, our translators are all officially recognised as sworn translators. This guarantees faithful adherence to any legislation from government bodies and a knowledge that our translators are delivering correct and legal translations.

Why do you need sworn translations?

You may require sworn translation services for a multitude of different reasons. Documents you produce may require certain authentication and validation to fall in line with the target countries laws. If you do not obtain a sworn translation for this, your document may not be legally valid within the destination country.

Absolute Translations sworn translation services

Our sworn translators can provide sworn translation services for individuals, independent businesses, and both public and private-sector organisations. We can provide successful results and accurate translations for birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, academic diplomas, death certificates and more.

The Absolute Translations team are mother-tongue speakers in the target language and between them, speak over 200 languages. This allows us to complete hundreds official translations every month and also means we can produce quick results for you.

If you’d like to find out more information about the sworn translation services we offer, get in touch. Alternatively, you can call 0333 251 7641 or e-mail main@absolutetranslations.com.