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Boasting the largest economy in the EU, and the third-largest globally, Germany is home to many multinational organisations, and a hotspot for businesses looking to internationalise. Yet, despite German being widely spoken, its complex technical structure makes the German language also one of the most difficult to translate. To support your expansion into the German market, businesses like yours will benefit from our professional German translation services. Communicate with your German audience with accurate translations that are efficiently delivered by our team of native German translators.


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Our certified German translators are experts when it comes to accurately conveying your key messages to help you win new business in German-speaking countries. With 5+ years’ experience in German translation, and using the most sophisticated translation software and technical translation memories, you can rely on our specialist German translators to deliver the most precise translations of legal documents and technical manuals, as well as transcreation of marketing campaigns or website translation services for e-commerce websites and web pages.

Affordable German Translation Services

Our German translation fees are transparent and based on the number of words in your documents. If you are looking for German translations (English to German translation or vice versa), you can get an instant, free quote online by completing our short, free quote form on our website. Choose your preferred German translation service from one of our 4 translation options and with the help of our dedicated project managers you can control your translation spend and ensure the maximum return on your investment. Plus, thanks to our Frankfurt office and a far-reaching global link we can process your most urgent translations within a 24-hour turnaround.

Professional German translation service

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Excellent and fast service …

Excellent and fast service of our Lithuanian Translation. Many thanks.

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Professional service

Professional service Quality Service Value for money

Michael Keith White
1 week ago

Quick and accurate service

Quick and accurate service

Kate Clark
2 weeks ago

They were very accommodatin…

I required a translation to be done by the next day and they were very quick and efficient about get…

Ilkay Gokkaya
2 weeks ago

It was easy and fast

It was easy and fast. I have no reason to give less than 5 stars.

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Best service

Great help professional and quick

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Absolutely excellent service! This is the second time I order from Absolute Translations and just as…

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Brilliant service from Abso…

Courteous staff, efficient at their job and speedy turnaround of work with immaculate translations

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Very fast and excellent ser…

Very fast and excellent service

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Absolute Translations did a…

Absolute Translations did a fantastic job for me. Very fast turnover and quite reasonably priced. Th…

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Very professional and effic…

Very professional and efficient. Mattia and team really made me feel at ease and always prompt with …

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A very helpful service

Aysha Ferullo was responsive, helpful, and made my experience pleasant. The level of translation was…

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Excellent service

Excellent service, communication and delivery. Thank you!

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Above and beyond!

Excellent service – you are given a quote and explanation of exactly what you will get. Service is a…

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Great experience

Great experience , I got my documents translated on the delay that I wanted everything was perfect t…

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Professional and speedy ser…

Professional and speedy service – thank you

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Very straight forward and e…

Very straight forward and excellent service!

Ewelina Szczap
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Second time I have used the…

Second time I have used them , both times translation first class but as important customer service …

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Excellent service – 5…

Fantastic service. Couldn’t believe how organised and fast they were. No messing around and no e…

Angela Cahoon
2 months ago


Absolute Translation were super-professional from start to finish. Prompt and responsive, timely ac…

Duncan Lampard


The largest German-speaking countries are Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. However German as a spoken language is also prevalent in the Italian province of South Tyrol, and as a co-official language of Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as a national language in Namibia. Approximately 120 million people worldwide speak German, after English, it’s the second most spoken tongue (followed by French, Italian, and finally Spanish). It’s no wonder professional quality translation services for this commanding language are so in demand!


German (Deutsch or Almanca) is a West Germanic language of huge international importance. It is one of the world’s major mother tongues and the second most spoken native language within Europe. What’s more, German is also among the most widely used languages on websites, and after English and French, it is also the third most taught foreign language. Whilst other languages are of note too, German has been highly influential in the fields of philosophy, theology, and technology and is the second most commonly used scientific language which adds even more status to its importance.


Businesses that use translators to produce high-quality translations, and specifically German translation services, do so to reach new markets where German is widely spoken. By accurately translating their communications and other documents from their original text they can ensure their product and service resonate with their foreign target audience. As a business looking to globalize, you just can’t afford to miss out on such a large market, that’s why professional German translation services are so very important.


Dutch is a West Germanic language that’s native to the majority of the population of the Netherlands, western Belgium, and northern Luxembourg. Sometimes referred to as German Dutch, it belongs to the same family of languages as German hence its likeness, but it also has many similarities to professional English. For this reason, Dutch is often described as a bit of a hybrid of the two languages: English and German.


Yes, it is! German translation services are in high demand for many reasons, including Germany’s status as one of the leading economies in Europe and it’s being recognised as a centre of industrial excellence and innovation. Being home to many international brands including engineering company Siemens, the largest telecommunications provider in Europe Deutsche Telecom, and automobile giants BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Daimler, is another reason for the rising demand for German translation services, both from English to German, as well as from German to English.


As German-speaking countries are now playing an increasingly important role in the world economy, the German language has earned a reputation for being an efficient language of business which has made German translation more of a necessity too. The German language is also the second-largest mother tongue in Europe (after English which is by far the most spoken language in the EU, and followed by French, then Italian, and Spanish). No less than three countries use it as an official language: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and with an estimated 120 million people around the world speaking German, it really is no surprise that German translation services are so important.


Any company wanting to sell to a large international audience needs to translate its marketing materials, and with an estimated 120 million German speakers around the world, the need for professional translations of German documents has never been greater. The German economy is the largest in Europe, therefore businesses trading here can expand their customer base by translating their documentation into German. The increasing proportion of European companies that are now dealing with German speakers is reflected in the increased demand for both English to German as well as German to English translation services.


It’s one thing to do business in Germany. It’s quite another to be successful there. If you’re planning to expand into this new market, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the cultural differences that come with trading in another country. One of the most important parts of any expansion process is making sure your company is properly represented in the market through effective translation services.


Business is getting more complex for companies around the world. To stay competitive, companies need to increase productivity, reduce costs, and localize their offerings which is why they invest in German translation services. Translating your content into German will give your company a competitive advantage, opening up a much larger consumer base. Indeed, many German consumers prefer to do business with companies that offer a multilingual interface. These consumers are more likely to buy from companies whose websites are in German and English.


Getting a document translated involves more than just turning it into another language and offering a one size fits all German translation service. For example, for official documents and legal paperwork, you may need a certified translation which involves additional steps including notarisation and attestation of your document to get it formally accepted by the law in another country. In the case of filling international patents in multiple countries, the translation of your IP documents and legal paperwork should be handled by a native speaker who is also a patent specialist in order to ensure 100% accuracy of your translated intellectual property documents.  


When it comes to translation services, high-quality certified translations are usually required for official use or for legal reasons such as business documents or contracts. A certified translation is a document that has either been officially translated by a sworn translator, or that has been translated by a specialist linguist and then certified by a notary public (or similar certifying authority).

The declaration on a certified translation confirms it was verified according to the laws prevailing in the country where it is issued. When presenting a certified translation of official documents such as birth or marriage certificate, an Apostille certification is usually necessary in addition to the notarisation of the document in order to verify the legitimacy of the certified translations and to allow for the documents to be used in a foreign country.


To ensure you receive the highest quality German translation services make sure to use a translation agency that is a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and that also holds the latest ISO certification specific to translation services; ISO 17100:2015. By only employing certified translation agencies you are able to better guarantee the quality of their translation services and that their translation process is quality assured. Accurate, high-quality, and timely translation services are exactly what businesses like yours come to Absolute Translations for.


The cost of German translation services can vary depending on many factors including what type of document you need to be translated, how many words are being translated, and whether you require certified German translation services. At Absolute Translations, we offer you a personal service, specifically tailored to your business and personal needs, at the most competitive prices. Get an instant online quote to explore and choose from our 4 translation services options.


Our native-speaking translators have over 5 years of translating experience and are adept at the cultural nuances of your target language. What’s more, our translators are experts in over 27 subject matters which ensures we provide you with the most professional translation service to accurately translate the meaning of your words. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and cost-effectiveness, offering a value-adding service for all your German translations.


Absolute Translations is a full solutions provider of high-quality translation services. Our translation services include localization, interpretation, transcription, and multilingual search. Our high-quality service, speedy delivery, and affordable price make us the first choice for German translation services in the UK. Our hand-picked a qualified team of native German translators have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and provide translation services that address the unique demands of businesses like yours. The professional translator matched to your project will also be a specialist of your documents’ subject to ensure an accurate German translation that hits the mark.