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Absolutely Certifiably Yours

During election campaigns we often hear arguments for changes to consumer, employment and immigration laws. At Absolute Translations we focus our energy and expertise on helping clients abide by those laws. The accepted way to prepare paperwork for official use in the UK and abroad is to have it certified. When different countries follow different legal principles, paperwork that meets an international standard can make all the difference to a life-changing visa application or a high-profile litigation brief.

When clients ask us to deliver certified translations, our goals and processes are clear. In addition to the linguistic quality that we always deliver, certification gives you a seal of assurance that you can take into a courtroom or embassy with confidence.

The level of certification you need will depend on the authority and the country you’re dealing with. Notarisation offers you the additional seal of a Notary Public. Apostilling verifies your official documents for use in any of the countries that abide by The Hague Apostille Convention. At the time of writing there are 113. The country list is subject to change, but the quality and reliability of our service always stays the same.

Whatever level you choose, Absolute Translations offers you a key service advantage:

For certified, sworn, notarised and legalised translations (Apostilling), we offer you a dedicated in-house service, eliminating the costly, time-consuming to-and-fro that might delay or derail your plans. Where other language service providers may only be able to handle one stage of the process, Absolute Translations offers you a one-stop service with regular updates on the progress of your certified documents. We’ll tell you exactly what’s happening and deliver on our promises with speed, security and quality.

Picture the scene. You’ve been granted an embassy appointment or a court date. It’s in inflexible deadline and the outcome will impact significantly on your personal or professional future. Do you want to roll the dice with a certification service offering you vague hope that documents might be coming in the post? Or do you want to be certain?

If you need official verification of:

  • Birth, marriage or divorce certificates
  • Immigration Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Official transcripts, such as medical reports
  • Regulatory paperwork such as an employment contract or power of attorney.

there’s really only one place to come.

You don’t want to take chances when you’re submitting immigration paperwork. You don’t want to risk ambiguity when you’re managing legal case files. You want to be certain. With Absolute Translations, that certainty is yours whenever you need it.

It’s absolutely, certifiably yours.