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Electronic Products Translation Services

Delivering electronic products into the modern global market requires more than a simple understanding of the difference between PAL and NTSC. The world’s largest consumer electronics industry, commanding billions of pounds in revenue every month, is littered with technical terms and has to communicate with multiple audiences simultaneously. Our unique electronics translations service utilises paired teams of experts: qualified specialist translators, native speakers of the target language, and experts with subject matter expertise with a proven background in the electronic products sector. Some of the companies we have assisted include Serco, Samsung, Siemens, Apple, Vodafone, HP, BAE Systems and Cable & Wireless. We check our prices regularly to ensure we’re offering the best electronic translation service for the most competitive cost. You won’t find a high-quality product and promotional consumer electronics translation services for less.


The most successful brands trust our services.
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We've helped global brands and smaller businesses expand in 38 countries and 200 languages.

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 Very professional from all the points. I will recommend for others if they need any help. Thank you

—  Raluca Banica


Excellent service, highly recommended.

—  Kinga Voros


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Rest assured, we're the first UK translation company awarded ISO 17100 accreditation, among others, ensuring quality and accuracy for your projects.


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As ATC and EUATC members, we prioritise your satisfaction by upholding the highest standards in business ethics and translation quality. 


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Celebrating 20+ years, Absolute Translations has mastered the art of providing quality translations at transparent, low prices to meet your language needs. 


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Absolute Translations is GDPR compliant, with independently regulated information and security systems, putting your data security first. 

Specialist Consumer Electronics Translation Services

We can deploy multilingual consumer electronics marketing experts to give your products the maximum impact in any foreign market. From branding materials to voiceovers for retail adverts, from scientific manuals to online content, our responsive electronic product translators make sense of it all in more than 200 languages. We have formulated individual specialist teams for each language, depending on the technicality and the subject matter of your documents, from manufacturing catalogues to telecommunications contracts. If your electronic products are aimed at the medical profession, we use specialist technical experts to keep your document’s terminology precise. 

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Electronics Multilingual DTP Design 

Need a design that retains the look and feel of your brand, but optimises layout space for different alphabets or language character count increase? No problem. Our multilingual design team uses the latest Desktop Publishing software to develop manuals, labels, electronic product packaging, and promotional materials in more than 200 language combinations. As with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, we’ll help you sell into multiple markets with high-quality translations of core product information, advertising copy, and instruction manuals.





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Document Translation with certification

Prompt turnaround time and good communication, easy set up process, reasonable rates.

Rose and Rose Solicitors

2 days ago

Absolute Translations is professional…

Absolute Translations is professional and quick. I couldn't be happier with the service.

Alex Dressler

4 days ago

Highly recommend this company Results…

Highly recommend this company Results supplied within promised timeframe of within 5 working days, had some issues regarding receiving hard copy but they apologised and sent by special delivery, very professional service

dave bevan

1 week ago

Quick, accurate service

Quick service. Accurate and affordable.


1 week ago

It was very professional

It was very professional, the translation was done very quick as promised, submitted on time with high quality.


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What amazing service from this translation company. Sent a medical document in for translation and the turnaround was no more than a couple of days. Excellent job done, wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

Avril T.

1 week ago

Very fast

Very fast. Thank you!


1 week ago

I've got an immediate translation and…

I've got an immediate translation and certification. I'm pleased.

Катя Напасна

2 weeks ago

I was very pleased with the service…

I was very pleased with the service received from Absolute Translations, they were very quick to respond to my request, I would definitely use them again.

Adrian Beisty

2 weeks ago

Perfect translate

Perfect translate

Abdirisaq Ali

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Great service from Absolute…

Great service from Absolute Translations. I chose Absolute Translations based on recommendation from a colleague. My experience was positive. Marcia was really helpful and responsive. The translations I needed were delivered promptly. I will definitely use their services again.


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Amazing service and professional 👏

Amazing service and professional 👏

Carilda Hernández Yanes

2 weeks ago

Service exactly as required.

Service exactly as required. Translations were delivered quickly and accepted by the UK Passport Office without question.


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Very professional

The work was done quickly and professionally, and the price was reasonable.

Jing Li

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Was good thank you

Was good thank you. Rapid translation and hard copy was well received and professionally put together.

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Brilliant service

Brilliant service, the certificate arrived within a few days highly recommend for translating documents.

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Great service

Great service


3 weeks ago


Precision and accuracy

Andrea Romano

3 weeks ago

Efficiency and speed in delivery of…

Efficiency and speed in delivery of project


3 weeks ago

Great services and perfect time and…

Great services and perfect time and accuracy


4 weeks ago

Great company

professional products



Specialist Electronics Translation Services for Brand Localisation

There is no room for error when introducing consumer electronics products, apps, services or appliances to a new market. Translating safety information, user manuals, and explainers into high-quality text is essential.

Along with website translation, we recommend companies pay careful attention to all written documentation accompanying an electronics product, as a key requirement for international success.

From a regulatory and user safety perspective, electronics translation is paramount to ensure your user guides, manuals and compatibility documents are faultlessly accurate, and compliant with the laws, regulations and requirements around introducing anything from a GPS device to an innovative audio equipment model to a new demographic.

Our project request form provides fast access to review pricing packages and the scope of our professional translation services.


The Importance of Local Expertise in an Electronics Translation Project

Consumer electronics translation must be accurate but also contextual since an assumption or translation based on each word within safety labelling may be misleading and pose a significant risk.

Professional translation services can help your company grow, assuring you that all technical drawings, annotations, personal safety notices and instruction guides make absolute sense to a first-language consumer.

Absolute Translations focuses on selecting the highest-qualified language translators for every electronics translation, combining technical know-how and native linguistics skills backed by professional accreditations.


Choosing the Right Translation Company for Consumer Electronics Translations

Every product or service based around target markets in the tech sector, equipment, software or devices linked to computers or tooling and machinery must be supplied with the relevant user guides to ensure consumer safety.

Examples include showing how to assemble a product, install a programme, operate a device, recharge a battery or store the item, particularly where there are small or potentially hazardous parts. It is equally important to use professional translation services to provide customers with a positive experience, using translations and diagrams to clearly communicate the correct set-up process.

The nuance of translation means that both technical expertise and linguistic fluency are necessary, combining an in-depth knowledge of the phraseology, terms and wording that will be clear to the intended audience while ensuring documentation is precise and leaves no potential for misinterpretation.


Special Considerations for Electronics Translations

Technical translation refers to several areas where precision is non-negotiable – including legal documentation, contracts and electronic translations. Electronic product retail requires keen attention to manuals, safety labelling and usage instructions, particularly for the consumer markets.

Brands and businesses should apply a holistic approach to translations for electronics, looking at the following:

● Packaging designs, labelling and warnings adherent to international packaging requirements and standards.
● User guides, including assembly, storage, charging, power source compatibility and safe disposal instructions.
● Localised software and digital user guides, with visual components to ensure each segment of information or advice is understandable and relevant to the intended audience.

Please access our online translation quote form to ensure we can respond to your request quickly or enquire today about specific pricing for whichever language or languages are necessary to complete your comprehensive electronics translation project.



As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the environment for future generations, Absolute Translations is proud to have achieved carbon negative status!