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Court Interpreting Services

Effectively protect your client. Represent their interests in crucial legal situations: whether they’re giving evidence, being arraigned, or attending a police interview. Our expert court interpreters will ensure that your client’s voice is heard—from the booking-in desk to the witness stand. Allowing you to prosecute and defend to the best of your abilities, in more than 200 languages.


ISO 17100 The first UK translation company to achieve this specialist translation accreditation. ISO 9001 international processes accreditation.

ISO17100 & ISO9001


Selected by Goldman Sachs to be an exclusive member of its £500 million productivity & growth investment programme.

Goldman Sachs
10KSB Member


There to re-enforce our commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and translation quality.



Celebrating 20+ years, Absolute Translations has become synonymous with providing quality translations at transparent low prices.

20 Years’


Absolute Translations is registered to have its information and security systems independently regulated for GDPR compliance

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Approved Court Interpreters

Do justice to your client’s evidence in private meetings, public hearings, and any other legal situation in which clear communication is required. Our court interpreters are mother-tongue speakers of your client’s language. What’s more, we’re also experts both in your client’s native legal system and the legal system in which the case is heard. Ensuring your client understands any differences in legal proceedings and concepts as his or her case progresses. Give your client room to speak. We use the most efficient interpreting style for your interview, examination, or arraignment—and are able to switch between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting as the situation demands. Plus as seasoned professionals with a minimum of five years’ experience in live interpreting, we offer an attentive, efficient service guaranteed to put nervous clients at their ease. Protect every defendant. We’re not just fluent in 200-plus language combinations: we also work in rare dialects, enabling you to get a fair hearing for your client whether they speak a major global tongue or an endangered language.

Respond quickly to new evidence. Courtroom interpreters you can believe in.

Concentrate on getting to the truth—whether you’re defending multiple clients in a high-profile case or assisting police with their inquiries. Well-known brands, legal and paralegal firms, and regional constabularies rely on Absolute Translations to give their client’s evidence accurately in high-pressure environments. Respond quickly and effectively to the challenges of a developing case. With two ISO accreditations, one of which is specific to translation companies, we’re able to offer a comprehensive linguistic service that’s always growing. Our faultless interpreters are supported by expert legal professionals, editors, and proofreaders able to translate written evidence and supporting statements on an urgent basis. Additionally, our membership of the Association of Translation Companies defines us as adhering to the translation and interpreting industry’s most exacting code of conduct. Offer every client the full protection afforded by law. With Absolute Translations communicating between client and official, you’ll give them the best possible representation. Whether they’re under cross-examination or simply providing evidence to support an immigration application.

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2 weeks ago

Very happy with the service…

Very happy with the services

3 weeks ago

Very pleased with the servi…

Very pleased with the service. Quick response, very professional, good translation and fast delivery…

Viktoriya S
4 weeks ago

My marriage certificate tra…

My marriage certificate transaction from French To English was done in very short time and accepted …

Esoof Akhoon
1 month ago

Very attentive service and …

Very attentive service and quick delivery. Thank you. Will back whenever needed.

Beier Teng
1 month ago

Really good and fast

Really good and fast. Thank you.

Bing Fei
1 month ago

Quick and eficiente

Very happy with their services. Reasonable price. Very quick and efficient.

Roksolana Kohaykevych
1 month ago

Very good service

I paid for the services of a single translator. The translation arrived promptly. There was one mist…

Palmer Philip
1 month ago

Document required for mortg…

Document required for mortgage application – fast efficient service – would recommend

Eleanor Stedman
1 month ago

Got my marriage certificate…

Looking to get a divorce. My marriage certificate was in German so had to get it translated so it co…

Sue T
1 month ago

Excellent services

Excellent services, received a reply to my initial email within 10 minutes, sent over translation an…

2 months ago

Nice quality work and in go…

Nice quality work and in good time

Wasiu Taiwo Odesanya
2 months ago

Very helpful

Very helpful – excellent service – very impressed

Marilyn Cohen
2 months ago

The absolute Translation is…

The absolute Translation is an professional Tanslation Company because of their communication,effic…

Omar Mohamedahmeden
2 months ago

Very efficient and professi…

Very efficient and prompt with responses. Excellent, professional service.

2 months ago


Excellent, timely and professional service as always.

J Hatherley
2 months ago

Quick and thorough response…

Quick and thorough response.

Kate Clark
2 months ago

Amazing job

Amazing job. Quick response and accurate translations, a bit expensive but worth the price as it was…

Mike David
2 months ago

Fantastic service.

Fantastic service.

John Hughes
2 months ago

Excellent service

Excellent service. Fast, efficient and reasonably priced. So easy to deal with. Thank you!

Sarah Russell
2 months ago

Bit expensive compared to o…

Bit expensive compared to other but great service