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Medical, biotech and pharmaceutical research know no boundaries. In the fight to develop new drugs, trial new techniques, and create better lives, it’s vital that life sciences companies are able to communicate globally. Our life sciences translation services remove the barriers to markets imposed by language differences. They open up opportunities that may be lost if your company cannot communicate internationally. And they cut through the problem of constantly-changing regulatory demands. That’s because our life sciences translators are all qualified, mother-tongue speakers of the language into which your patent applications, test results, regulatory compliance documentation, product packaging, research publications and more are to be translated. They are living experts who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience translating for the life sciences industry. They know the current regulations, they understand the science, and they are completely familiar with the subtleties of the target language. All of our translators, proofreaders, and reviewers are carefully selected for their linguistic abilities and relevant qualifications. So when you commission a life sciences translation from Absolute Translations, you know your content is being handled by industry specialists who have hands-on experience with the subject matter.


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The life sciences industries are many and varied—and the level of terminology within those industries is equally complex. Large volumes of these terms have specific, unalterable meanings, which must be conveyed accurately in the target language. Failure to reproduce the meaning of documentation produced by a life sciences company can result in significant errors, which at best are embarrassing and unprofessional, and at worst can have serious implications for the end users of drugs, medical equipment, and procedures. Put simply, this is an industry in which there can be no room for error.
We don’t use mechanical translations, which are unreliable and incapable of understanding the nuances of a target language. But we do use advanced translation memory software, to create a unique translation profile for your documents. Every translation we undertake on your behalf is held in a database, and future translations are checked against the existing ones to ensure consistency. The software compiles a glossary of terms, tracks changes, and allows us to bring down the cost of translations by matching new work with frequently-requested work. You can save as much as 70% on the cost of ongoing projects, simply because your translation team is using your translation memory profile to avoid duplication. This is just one example of the processes by which Absolute Translations have achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, as well as the specialised ISO 17100:2015 standard (a translation-specific ISO standard, which we are among the first companies in the UK to comply with). These processes, which undergo constant and consistent evaluation and improvement, are the reason why our services are trusted by some of the biggest medical and scientific organisations and brands in the world—including the NHS, Unilever, GSK, and Johnson & Johnson.
We translate into over 200 languages, and offer urgent translation services in most locations. Because our translators are often living and working in the territory into which your communication will be directed, we are not restricted by time differences or hampered by cultural misunderstandings. When you need to make a statement, or complete a regulatory application, on the same day, that’s exactly what happens.


The life sciences industry is truly global. Not only is product research carried out on an international scale, but also R&D and manufacturing. Companies that make medical equipment may design, prototype and test their product in one territory, and manufacture it in another. Brands that sell highly specialised medical tools may source materials or components from different parts of the world. And companies developing pharmaceuticals may outsource production to large medical laboratories in territories where economies of scale keep costs to an acceptable level.

Documents generated prior to, during, and after clinical trials are also likely to have an international component. Pre-trial studies and reports make up the first stages of testing, and in studies where trials are targeted at different populations around the world (for example in attempts to combat diseases that have prevalence amongst certain demographics or within specific geographic locations), these items must be translated accurately and with complete knowledge of the field. Consent forms, questionnaires, patient information, and patient-reported outcomes must also be translated perfectly, if the results of the studies are to be legal and medically useful.

Bringing a drug or medical implement to market also requires quality translations. It’s here that our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements is key. To successfully bring your product beyond the testing phase, you will need to accurately complete submissions for all territories in which that product is to be sold or supplied. Market research and the production of marketing materials are affected here too. To bring a product to market in the most profitable and effective way, it’s vital that your translations take local custom and socio-economic realities into account. Our marketing translations for life sciences brands are carried out by qualified professionals who know the local nuances that make all the difference, and can direct your copy’s tone so it talks directly to your intended audience.

At Absolute Translations, accuracy is always paramount. But for the life sciences, perhaps more so than in any other industry, the need for high-quality translations is more than just a matter of pride. Incorrect translations at any stage of the life sciences product cycle have a human impact. Delayed trials, invalidated results, or a longer time bringing a drug to the people and organisations who need it, result in real suffering as well as elevated costs.

The quality of our translations is assured by our methodology, and by our global reach. For life sciences translations, we offer two appropriate levels of service: expert translations, or expert translations with the additional services of a proofreader. Proofreading is a core element of quality communication, and is strongly recommended to ensure absolute accuracy in translations that are to be used to convey vital information in pharmaceutical and medical markets around the world.

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