Why Modern Establishments Need Document Translation Services

Why Modern Establishments Need Document Translation Services

Documents are utilised by every business and encountered by most modern establishments on a daily basis. No matter the type of document, when branching out into international markets, you must be prepared to consider some form of translation service for your business. When it comes to document translation services, Absolute Translations are experts and have been assisting businesses for over 20 years.

What Documents Can Be Translated?

Documents of all kinds will pop up in all types of industries. Whether you are a fashion company or an accountancy, documents – both digital and physical – are a part of daily business admin. You can get a wide range of documents professionally translated. These include legal agreements, contracts, manuals, financial documents, business plans, employment forms and more.

Notarised, Certified and Apostilled Documents

Where document translation services are concerned, there are three types of translation that people often get confused. When you get a document translated by an accredited agency, such as Absolute Translations, this is automatically a UK certified translation. This means the translation is accurate and true and can be backed up by a professional body.

A notarised translation is different. This is because it has an official notarial certificate that is issued by a notary public. Notaries are legally recognised and are officially allowed to stamp documents for official use.

An apostille document is an international certificate that is attached to a document for the purpose of legalisation. The apostille serves as a means to certify the origin and authenticity of a document. It certifies the validity of the signature on the document. When you receive an apostille translation, the government of a country can confirm its authenticity and allows it to be used in any country that legally recognises the apostille.

Why Do You Need Document Translation Services?

Getting your documents translated in an official capacity can help your business achieve expansion into international markets with products and services. Translation can allow you to connect and engage with audiences on a global scale. It also makes communication and trade so much easier. Having your document translated for your business partners around the globe ensures that they are able to fully understand the document in question.

What Can Absolute Translations Do for Your Business?

Here at Absolute Translations, our team can provide document translation services for all types of documents. This includes things such as certified translations, Statements of Truth, and notarisations. We can also translate specialist documents that fall under Legal, HSE, Medical and Financial sectors. Our team have the relevant qualifications and experience to deliver these with accuracy. Additionally, our ISO 17100:2015 accreditation guarantees all of our standards are following the latest translation industry procedures.

If you would like to find out more information about our document translation services, get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, call us on 0333 577 0767 or e-mail main@absolutetranslations.com.

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